Why It May Not Be Compulsory to Wash Your Hair Every Day

Wash hair every day

Alright. Let me not pretend as though this didn’t shock a lot of men. But it is a fact. It is not compulsory to wash your hair every day.

You see, washing regularly and washing every day is not the same thing. You have to wash your hair regularly to keep it from infections and infestations. However, this doesn’t amount to everyday washing. If you have a weak hair type, an everyday strong washing routine may be detrimental to your hair.

But here’s a quick disclaimer; We are not in any way suggesting that you don’t wash your hair. Our goal is to demystify what is not true while presenting the truth to you. Our goal is so that by the time you’re washing your hair, you’re doing it out of understanding rather than mythical fear.

It means that the decision to wash your hair daily is first a thing of choice, preferences and understanding. You’ll have to understand your hair type. You’ll have to understand what type of washing agents to use and which fits you best. You’ll have to understand how these washing agents work, e.g. shampoos etc., and that is what this article wants to help you with.

You’ll have access to some of the important information you’ll need so that you can make an informed decision about this subject matter.

So, let’s start with washing agents alternatives.


Shampoos, of course, are among the most often used cleansing agents that we are familiar with. Generally speaking, shampoos are intended to eliminate dirt and other pollutants from the scalp and remove sebum, sweat, desquamated corneocytes, and other oily residues from the hair.

However, improper use of shampoos can be detrimental as well, and that is where the usage of shampoo has a disadvantage over the use of other products. Too much shampoo usage can cause hair breakage. It can also cause serious scalp problems like seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore, many medical professionals recommend using shampoo just once every two weeks.

Soaps and warm water

Let me begin by revealing a truth that many people are unaware of, most soaps on the market today are detergents. True soap is meant to be a very simple combination of animal or plant fats and an alkaline solution (a mixture of water-soluble salt and water). Alkaline solutions, such as lye, can be found in nature. Unfortunately, what you have now are very strong mixes of strong chemicals, each of which can be harmful to the hair.

On the other hand, soap and warm water can be a wonderful and intermediate alternative to shampoos for everyday hair cleaning if all other factors are equal.

Because of their natural ingredients, they can have a mild effect on the hair. However, that is also where their weaknesses are. They may be ineffective in efficiently washing out of strong oil substances like sebum. This is where the occasionally shampoo usage comes in.


Well, conditioners aren’t essentially washing agents. They act as moisturizers and are mostly used when we apply shampoos. Because shampoos act as drying agents, you’ll need to keep the hair moisturized to avoid any hair problems. That is why you used conditioners.

With all these basics laid out, let look at the crux of the matter;

Why do I need to wash my hair?

Of a fact, regular hair washing has enormous benefits and some of these benefits are;

  • It impacts and contributes to your appearance by making the hair look good.
  • It keeps the hair healthy.
  • It has health benefits to your entire body. Imagine what a disease like eczema can do to you. Etc.

Alright, let’s look at some of them more critically.

Keeping your hair clean helps to minimize the accumulation of germs

Hair can be a wonderful breeding place for germs because of all of the product buildup, sweat, and oil created by your hair. However, you can avoid this by following a regular washing practice.

Not cleaning your hair properly for an extended time may encourage the growth and buildup of lice and fungi in your hair. Keeping hair items (such as combs, brushes and hair towels) in a damp area for a while before using them can also exacerbate the problem further.

It is possible to reduce flaking by keeping your hair clean

The skin releases oil and sebum to protect itself from injury and dehydration, respectively. Irregular hair washing causes this sebum to build upon your hair, which, when combined with dead skin cells, and dirt, can result in flaking and hair loss. However, by regular hair washing, you can lessen your chances of dealing with flakes.

Hair washing is a fantastic example of personal hygiene

The primary goal of washing one’s hair is to keep one’s hair clean.

Most significantly, clean hair ensures that your scalp is no longer a breeding place for germs, which is extremely vital.

It is impossible to place too much emphasis on the necessity of shampooing your hair. Buildups, flakes, and germs will not have the opportunity to thrive if you do keep a regular washing routine.

How many times a week do you wash your hair?

I know this is what you may have been waiting for.

Well, there is simply no single answer to that. As already noted, some dermatologists suggest using shampoos only once in two weeks.

However, from the findings, we can conclude that with goad soaps, you can wash your hair daily without fear of an aftermath effect. But remember to use shampoos in intervals.

The risk involved in not washing our hair regularly

We’ll do a quick summary of this.

You risk having an odour or bad smell

Because hair retains moisture, unwashed scalps can develop a mildewy or sour odour after a few days or weeks, especially if exercise is involved.

Odours accumulate more easily in thicker hair; thus, thoroughly cleaning the scalp is critical.

You risk hair breakage

Hair breakage can be exacerbated by dandruff and an oily scalp. Because of our daily routine, pollutants, and the numerous products we use on our scalp, a buildup can occur, resulting in various problems. Breakage and brittleness of the hair might result if the hair is not washed consistently.

You risk your overall health

This is the most important part. By leaving your hair unwashed for long, you make yourself vulnerable to the scalp and beyond scalp health conditions. Some of the scalp related health conditions are;

  • Folliculitis
  • Eczema
  • Ringworm
  • Dandruff
  • etc.

But these conditions can spread to our whole body when left untreated. This is where they now go beyond our scalp. Eczema, for instance, can easily spread to other parts of the body. Folliculitis can cause serious discomfort and pain to our heads.


As promised, we did our best to leave you with a choice. We have successfully established the fact that it is not compulsory to wash every day. But we have also presented to you the benefits of regular washing. The final decision is now at your discretion.

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