Top 5 Places in Turkey to Get a Hair Transplant

Best places to get a hair transplant in Turkey

Finding a solution to hair loss isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why some people prefer to hide it instead of spending so much money on products that may not change their condition. While this is the case for many people, there’s a growing number of other people going for hair transplant surgery due to how potent and long-lasting it is. You can also have it to address your hair loss condition.

Turkey is one of the many places you can have this operation. In fact, finding a hair transplant clinic in Turkey is arguably one of the easiest things to do in the country. That’s because being the most chosen hair transplant destination globally, there are so many hair transplant clinics all over cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. However, what’s difficult is to distinguish between a clinic that’ll offer the best services and one that’ll offer regular services.

If you’re on this page to discover the best places in Turkey to get a hair transplant, be assured you’ve hit a goldmine. Here, we’ll recommend five of the best places in the country to go for an exceptional hair restoration treatment. Firstly, let’s show you what you’re sure to benefit from choosing Turkey as your hair transplant location.

Benefits of Choosing Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery 

If you look back a few years after your surgery, you’ll realize choosing Turkey as your hair transplant location may be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. The country is the pacesetter as far as hair transplant is concerned. The clinics and surgeons are leaders in the field because they use the most innovative yet proven procedures to help people get their lost hair back.

What’s most exciting is how they deliver these treatments to every patient. They go a step further than every patient’s expectations of care delivery. Most clinics prioritize patient comfort, safety, and the realization of predetermined results. In addition, all of these treatments are offered at a ridiculously cheap amount such that most patients double their medical tourism with proper vacation.

As much as clinics offer these services, it’s safer to choose those proven in the field. And to help you, as promised, we’ll recommend the five most rated places.

Top 5 Best Places in Turkey to Get a Hair Transplant

The best places for hair transplants in Turkey include the following:

1. CapilClinic


If you desire to have your hair transplant at a world-leading clinic, CapilClinic is the first choice in Turkey. They are a clinic that has built a reputation for excellent care delivery that’s centered on meeting patients’ expectations. As a result, every patient that has chosen them has always had a good cause to refer others.

The clinic, led by Dr. Oguz Kayiran, focuses on using the FUE minimally invasive procedure to restore a patient’s hair. They also use stem cell treatment, which is sometimes combined with surgical procedures to achieve the best outcome. In addition, their operations are conducted in the most conducive environment. So check them out.

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2. Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant

Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant

Clinicana is another reputable clinic offering modern hair transplant treatment in Turkey. This clinic puts patients’ safety at the forefront of all its operations, which has earned them a deserving reputation as one of the safest places to have a hair transplant in the country. They also use only proven solutions that have given satisfactory results over time.

They have expert surgeons who are the best in the follicular unit extraction technique and the sapphire FUE method. These methods are used on both men and women dealing with arrays of hair loss conditions. Dr. Soner Tatlidede heads all surgical procedures.

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3. Smile Hair Clinic

1. Smile Hair Clinic Istanbul

Smile Hair Clinic is also a hair transplant industry giant providing the best hair restoration services in Turkey. Like their brand name, they’ve managed to bring a smile to thousands of faces just by giving them their desired appearance. The clinic has some of the best surgeons in the country, including Dr. Gökay Bilgin, Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, and Dr. Firdavs Ahmedov.

The clinic offers all-inclusive hair transplant techniques like FUE transplant, DHI transplants, sapphire FUE, and hair mesotherapy. They perform all these procedures in a world-class clinic adapted to patients’ care and comfort. So many people have benefited from their brilliant expertise, and it could be your turn if you choose them.

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4. Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic

Hermest Istanbul Clinic

Hermest is an award-winning hair restoration center based in Turkey. They offer the most delicate hair transplant procedures and have recorded so much success with them. These procedures include long hair transplant, unshaven transplant, DHI transplant, and FUE transplant. Having provided services to over 12,000 patients, you’ll surely get whatever treatment your condition requires when you visit them.

Before anything, you’ll get a hair analysis in the clinic which would involve an intensive examination of the root cause of hair loss and the prescription of the most suitable treatment. Their procedures are conducted by the best specialists that use the most modern tools. You’ll only get desirable results with Hermest, so book a consultation with them.

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5. TecniFUE International

TecniFUE International

TecniFUE hair transplant clinic is an internationally recognized clinic that remains dedicated to excellent service provision, built on attention to every detail patients give. The clinic serves patients from countries across Europe and other parts of the world. They use innovative but safe procedures that always offer successful outcomes.

They distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering quality services in the safest environment. In addition, they customize every treatment to meet each patient’s unique needs. Their most notable procedures include the FUE, DHI, and unshaven hair transplant, which are painlessly administered.

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Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is determined when you consider factors like the nature of your hair loss, the grafts and sessions that’ll be sufficient to cover the loss, the technique used, and the doctor and clinic chose. So, it’s usually between $2,000 to $8,000.

Final Thoughts

It’s undeniable that you stand a good chance of having a good hair transplant when you enter anywhere in Turkey. But instead of banking on chances, you should bank on surety by choosing any of the clinics we’ve recommended in this post.


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