How to Take Care of Hair in Women?

How to Take Care of Hair in Women

We can’t deny that there are beauty standards in society, and our tresses contribute to them. Since this system isn’t going away anytime soon, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make attempts to fit in. It’s fun, too, trying different hair products, routines, and styles before finding the perfect one.

Well, the process is enjoyable but can be frustrating too. Getting the ideal routine for healthy hair isn’t difficult if you know what to do and why you’re doing it. As you read on, you’ll find out what to do to promote your hair growth, so stay put.

How to improve your hair growth

Improving your hair growth may require you to make some major or minor lifestyle modifications, as you’ll soon come to discover:

1- Avoid putting your hair in a tight ponytail

A ponytail is a highly convenient style for every occasion. Now, while the average messy ones get the job done while also making a fashion statement, pulling your hair into a tight bun may not be so great.

We’re fond of several types of practices, which seem tremendous and beneficial because everyone does it. However, we believe putting your hair in a tight ponytail is a trend you should avoid because of the potential damage it can do to your hair.

Traction alopecia is just one of the different causes of hair loss. This condition is caused when you subject the delicate hairs at the edge of your scalp to intense pressure. With time, their follicles will weaken then begin to uproot backward.

You can put your hair in a ponytail during that high-impact activity, but we recommend making it as loose as possible.

2- Control the amount of heat that touches your hair

Another unhealthy hair practice that’s common these days is styling or blow-drying your hair with an intense heat source. Sure, we have busy schedules that make it impossible to wait for our hair to dry naturally. So, the hairdryer comes in very handy.

Well, that’s true, but the intensity of the heat can damage your follicles, reduce the production of hair oils, and cause hair dryness.

You can get a heat protectant; it’s mainly in the form of a hair spray. Apply this product to your scalp before bracing the sun or right before recreating those bouncy curls to reduce the impact of applied or natural heat.

3- Wash your hair regularly

If you have greasy hair, you may have to wash your hair every day. The same applies to people who live in humid areas.

However, the most suitable number of times to wash your hair is two to three times weekly. Your hair has some natural oils that give it its sheen, and applying shampoo regularly may considerably reduce the production of these oils.

This is just by the way, but the practice of washing your hair with hot water isn’t beneficial. The heat expands the cuticles and evaporates the moisture in each strand. Eventually, your hair may dry out, become brittle, and fall out.

So, use cold water instead.

4- Use suitable shampoos and conditioners

Although your hair is strong enough to thrive on its own, it still needs some beauty products to facilitate this process. Shampoos provide lather that washes the dirt out of your hair. Conditioners soften it, while hair oils and creams provide moisture and other nutrients it needs.

Now, shampoos and conditioners will contact your scalp and tresses at least twice a week and are vital for washing the hair. So, it’s essential to choose one from a reliable brand. It should contain the least amount of sulfates, alcohol, and other chemical components that damage the hair.

Then, ensure you buy the type that suits your hair texture, whether it’s coarse, medium, or fine.

5- Try serums and capsules

When you aim to prevent or combat hair loss, it won’t hurt to combine different methods, as long as they’re safe and healthy. Usually, serums are super effective in protecting your hair from humidity and frizz. Not only do they add moisture and nutrients to your hair, but they also seal these additions to ensure there’s no escape. If you’ve also been battling with coarse hair, the Vilanolabs serum can help you tame and soften it.

However, you’ll only enjoy these benefits when you choose a product from a trustworthy brand.

So, when you need to treat your hair, buy Vilanolabs serum for hydration, luster, and increased hair mass. You can also include the capsules to protect your hair density from free radical damage.

6- Use hair oils

Perhaps this is the more common method of growing our hair healthily. Here, you regulate the oils the oil glands on your scalp produce. If you battle with greasy hair, you can use lavender, rosemary, lemon, or cedarwood oil to control it.

On the other hand, if your hair is thin or straight, coconut oil is an excellent option, and you should apply it right before using your Vilanolabs shampoo.

The time you apply the oils also matters. For instance, if your hair is greasy, the best time to use hair oils is right before bed, so you can wash it out when you’re taking your shower in the morning. If you have dry hair, it’s best to add your oils when right after your shower, as the wet strands will make it easier for moisture to get sealed in.

7- Drink enough water

This tip costs nothing, is easily accessible, and will work excellently for your body. When you drink enough water, there’ll be improved blood circulation, such that your scalp and follicles will receive all the nutrients they need to flourish.

Your hair will also be well moisturized, and you won’t have to battle with the challenges of dry or brittle hair.


Haircare is one of the most effortless grooming routines. It’s also very cost-friendly to maintain a healthy head of hair, but you may need to make some modifications. You can start by getting the big Vilanolabs three – the ideal shampoo, capsules, and serum for healthy and voluminous hair.

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