Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Nicotine Consumption

The hair is more than just a part of the body; it shapes the face, and people go to length to ensure its beauty and shape is in their desired proportion. Considering the amount of attention paid to the hair, a loss in quantity in thinning and balding can be of huge concern. Come to think of it, no one likes their hair falling off rapidly. A receding hairline significantly alters an individual’s appearance and might misgive malnourishment or genetic disorder.

Nicotine, a popular psychoactive substance commonly found in tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes, is one of the leading causes of hair loss. This article will find out the connection between hair loss and nicotine consumption. Also, we shall explore ways to remedy occasional hair loss as a result of nicotine consumption.

What is Nicotine

Nicotine is found majorly in Tobacco, used in different forms to produce cigarettes, tobacco gum, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc. Since nicotine consumption is through the following category, those involved aforementioned should pay close attention to the signs and symptoms they might already be experiencing. However, people who do not yet consume nicotine need to pay closer attention as prevention is a cheaper alternative to curative methods of hair loss.

Signs of Hair loss from nicotine

The loss of hair due to nicotine is not just in hair quantity but also in receding hairline and density. There are benign stages the hair passes through before the severe effect of falling off becomes predominant. Some of them include:

Hair staining

The excessive use of nicotine causes the hair to exhibit a yellow color, also visible in fingers and toenails (they all possess keratin). This effect is known as hair staining. It occurs in the scalp and places where the hair is exposed to the toxic smoke of the nicotine compound.

  • Baldness
  • Receding hairline
  • Hair patches
  • Rapid fall of hair

If any or all of this is already happening to you, it can be inferred that you are already suffering from hair loss due to your nicotine level. If you are still in doubt, consult your doctor. OR follow along.

The How

Just the external exposure to nicotine can severe the growth of the hair right down to the hair follicle, resulting in it falling off. It can also result from nicotine blocking off oxygen from flowing through the bloodstream. The impediment nicotine would cause the hair to die off by starving them of oxygen required for growth. Not just that, the growth of new hair would also not be possible. This implies that nicotine prevents hair growth and regrowth and supports its termination. Along with cutting oxygen supply, nicotine can also affect blood vessels by reducing the blood pressure supply across the scalp, leading to clots, and is one of the many reasons for hair loss and halted hair growth.

Nicotine also causes excessive oil secretion when consumed. This leads to the accumulation of microbes by creating a suitable environment for them to thrive and blocks the pores on the surface of the skin. This can further exacerbate the hair loss condition by leading to a disease or an infection. In addition, it can lead to permanent baldness or hair loss by creating a hormonal imbalance. This occurs when androgen is overly secreted. Nicotine, an active ingredient in many cigars and cigarettes, forms a reaction with other harmful ingredients that alter the PH of the scalp, the harm in the pH levels of the scalp will then stop the hair from growing.

How to Reverse Hair Loss Caused by Nicotine

Nicotine consumption, which is now identified to cause different significant harm to the hair specifically, can reverse it. As its action and effect begin with a reaction, it can also be reversed. Therefore, the best way to reverse damage resulting in hair loss is to stop nicotine consumption. This would reduce the severity of the damage and the amount of expense such remedy might need to cover to control or reduce hair loss. While you are at that, here are some methods to ensure that the process of successfully reclaiming your hair is possible include:

Iron and Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Iron are nutrients that stimulate the growth and sustainable development of the hair. While iron increases the oxygen supply to the blood through hemoglobin, Vitamin D stimulates hair follicles and ensures the thickness of hair strands. The presence of nicotine, on the other hand, creates a deficiency. As if to say there can be no two captains in one boat. It would be better to have Iron and Vitamin E as the driver if you look for a reversal. All Iron tablets or Vitamin E should be taken in prescribed quantities to prevent a situation of poisoning/ damage from overconsumption.

Essential Oils

The hair itself contains oil. Different essential oils are used to promote growth. It can be used by direct consumption or by massaging it on the hair scalp, which can also stimulate the flow of blood (already reduced by nicotine)


Proteins are vital for growth in the body and are a really important component of hair. Consumption of Protein will, therefore, support hair growth and restoration. Damaged hair follicles can also be strengthened by protein.

Fruits And Vegetables are also beneficial for hair growth. Generally, a healthy lifestyle outside the circles of nicotine will trigger a reversal in hair loss.


Therefore, no good can come from consuming nicotine in whatever form except you are okay with going bald or hair loss. Most importantly, the best anyone can do, is to ensure that they cut off on nicotine and friends who consume them if they want to work towards a reversal regime. Aside from all of the self-therapy listed, it would be advisable to consult a doctor if the hair loss condition continues to deteriorate. Mild surgery or transplant may be required to correct a worsened state of hair loss, so understanding the condition helps to know what to do.

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