How can pubic hair grow back?

How Can I Regrow Pubic Hair

If you look around, you’ll realize we’ve gone past the age and time where people have to shave off their pubic hair compulsorily. Today, things have changed, and it has come down to a personal choice to either keep or shave the hair. With more people, including celebrities choosing to keep it, it shows how much it’s publicly accepted, unlike it used to be.

So if you want to take the same decision in keeping your pubic hair, you may start by regrowing it from scratch. While you may have to wait for some time to see it back to fullness, when you see the results, you’ll realize it’s worth the wait. So to regrow your pubic hair, there are effective tips you can follow. If you’ve been curious about these tips, you have found yourself the right place to find out.

This article will firstly discuss what pubic hair is, then highlight some of the benefits of regrowing it. Finally, as an extension, it’ll identify effective ways in which you can regrow the hair in these private areas. So kindly tag along as we dive fully into it.

What is a Pubic Hair?

While this may seem to have an obvious answer, we need to answer it still. Pubic hair is simply the hair that grows in our private parts, otherwise known as our genitals. Growing pubic hair is essentially the first sign of puberty, and its amount varies from one person to another.

Although it’s possible to think there are no reasons for hair growth in these areas. But like every other body feature, pubic hair has its purpose it serves and the benefits it offers. When you learn about its purposes and benefits, you’ll realize why it’s logical to keep it, and cutting it will only depend on personal preference, not societal or peer preference.

Benefits of Pubic Hair

The following are some of the benefits of having pubic hair:

1. It Reduces Friction

When the skin rubs against itself, it may cause friction and tear. Pubic hair acts as a protective cover for the skin in private areas to salvage the skin from friction and tear. In addition, reports state that pubic hair also serves as a dry lubricant. And if you evaluate some of these reports, you’ll realize the degree of logic they carry.

2. It Protects the Private Area

This is the most popular benefit of keeping public hair. Like other body parts, harmful microorganisms can easily find their way around. So one of the benefits of keeping the pubic hair is to serve as a protective guide against dirt and microorganisms.

3. Regulates Temperature

Many of us wear thick dresses that mostly cover the private area. While this is good for the outer body, the same can’t be said of the private part because it needs a fair share of warm temperature, no heat temperature. Like the hair on our head, another benefit of keeping public hair is it helps to regulate temperature around the private areas.

4. It Helps Avoid Side Effects of Trimming

A major downside of trimming is that it exposes you to certain side effects like cuts and breakouts. Even if you decide to use an exfoliant, you may still run the risk of itchiness, leading to breakage. So choosing to keep pubic hair offers the benefits of avoiding all these side effects accompanying trimming.

Having stated the aforementioned, it’s important to note that trimming the hair doesn’t mean you’re deprived of these benefits. It’s just that you won’t get as much as those that have decided to keep it. Additionally, removing it doesn’t have medical backing. So you can choose either to keep or to trim it. If you decide to keep it, please check our recommendations on regrowing clean and healthy pubic hair.

How To Regrow Pubic Hair

How To Regrow Pubic Hair

The following are proven ways to follow to regrow your pubic hair:

1. Start With a Trim

While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s the best way to start afresh because treating full-grown hair may be difficult. So to regrow neat and healthy pubic hair, you’ll have to start by trimming whatever you currently have. To get fantastic trim, you can apply shaving cream to the area. It’s also important you sterilize the razor, scissors, or whatever cutter you choose to disinfect.

2. Have a Gentle Cleansing

As the hair grows, you’ll have to observe a regular but gentle cleansing. This has proven to be the most effective way of tackling bacteria that may develop from sweat deposits around the area. This routine also goes a long way in helping you deal with dirt.

You can choose an organic soap with a nice fragrance or one that contains a mild chemical composition without sulfates and other dangerous chemicals. Then, take careful dabs around when you’re washing the area. Avoid scrubbing it because the skin around this area is very thin and delicate, and too much friction can cause tears.

3. Keep the Hair Soft

When you grow out the hair, and it comes out thick and healthy, it can become hard that it’ll poke you. So a way to deal with this is to soften it by applying essential oils like olive or coconut oil. When you do this, it’ll soften after a short period.

4. Allow Hair Flow

This tip is as crucial as the other tips mentioned above. Every individual has different choices of underwear. But for someone who wants to keep pubic hair, you must avoid extremely thick underwear.

It’ll be counterproductive to use oil and treat the hair without letting it breathe. So a way to let it breathe is to use full cotton underwear. Not silk, satin, or other underwear materials. That’s because cotton underwear has linings that create accessibility for airflow.


Although pubic hair grows naturally, you must follow these care tips if you want to enhance the growth by creating the hair quality you desire. These tips have individually and collectively proven to be the best way to regrow pubic hair. So adhere to them strictly.

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