The Most Prominent Uses of Olive Oil for Hair

The Most Prominent Uses of Olive Oil for Hair

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of keeping a good head of hair. Unlike other body parts, hair is one of the first few noticeable things about a person’s appearance. And as you know, the way you appear is how you’ll be addressed; you must look good from hair to toe.

While several care products improve the health and appearance of the hair, most of them are either too costly or don’t do as much as you’d expect. That’s why most women have cultivated the habit of using homemade remedies that have never let them down and are even cheaper. With so many of them gaining more prominence by the day, choosing one of them might be tricky.

So instead of making a random choice, if a friend or your stylist has suggested using olive oil, you should know they have your hair’s best interest at heart. However, if you don’t know the prominent uses of olive oil, we’ll discuss it in this article, so you’ll have a clear idea before choosing it as your hair care treatment. But for starters, let’s discuss the nutritional composition of olive oil.

Nutritional Composition of Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the popular natural oils that’s said to have so many health benefits. However, the effect it has is not magically created. Rather it’s a product of the nutritional components it carries. Some of these nutrients are vitamins, fatty acids (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats), antioxidants, saponifiables, phospholipids, phosphatides, etc., to execute the functions most people rave about.

These nutrients are required in percentages in the body. For instance, one tablespoon of olive oil, which is about 14grams, contains 13% of vitamin E daily value, 7% of vitamin K daily value, 11% calories of polyunsaturated fats, 73% calories of monounsaturated fats, 14% calories of saturated fats. So when you use olive oil, you’re getting all the nutritional composition in it.

As we’ve mentioned, olive oil is used as a hair care treatment despite being an ingredient for edibles. And the benefits it offers are so much that most people have made it a key ingredient of their hair care routine. However, if you’re still unsure what its uses are to the hair, we’ll highlight all of them.

Prominent Uses of Olive oil for the hair

Olive oil for hair

Olive oil is used for so many things in the hair. The following are some of its prominent uses in the hair:

1. It’s Used to Repair Damaged Hair

Hair is an auxiliary part of the body that faces arguably the worst treatments. Usually, people go too extreme just because they want to look good. So they use chemical products to influence the appearance of the hair, rely on heat styling, do intense hairstyles, etc.

All these damage the hair gradually, and if it’s not controlled on time, the damage may become permanent. So for those who have damaged their hair as a result of any of those actions mentioned above, olive oil is recommended to repair the damaged hair.

2. It’s Used for Treating Split Ends

Split ends are one hair problem most people try to avoid, especially during winter. However, around this time, the hair becomes pretty dry, and if not properly oiled, it’ll lead to hair breakage. When breakage starts, it may seem like a natural thing, but you’ll realize you’ve lost so much hair with time.

If you have split ends, you can use olive oil to correct it, as you can also use it to eliminate dryness, the root cause. In this case, olive oil is used as a serum to treat the split ends and halt the production of new ones.

3. It Softens the Hair

There are hair types that are unnecessarily tough and thick. They are difficult to manage most of the time, and even if you find your way around them, they get rough easily. Try olive oil if this is your hair type and you’ve exhausted multiple options to soften your hair.

Olive oil naturally softens the hair, thereby improving its texture and malleability. In addition, it’ll smoothen the hair in a way it becomes shiny and appealing. All you need to do is massage some olive oil in the hair with the tip of your finger.

4. It’s Used for Strengthening the Hair

As you already know, the hair constantly faces so many self-induced harsh treatments. In addition, it also faces the harsh effects of environmental stressors like the sun, humidity, and other pollutants. All of these can be overwhelming for the hair, and if not fortified, it could lead to damage.

But with olive oil and its antioxidant components, you can strengthen your hair, giving it enough shield to withstand the harsh effects of these hair stressors mentioned above. It also fortifies the hair to withstand avoidable breakage.

5. It’s Used to Prevent Scalp Irritability

When the scalp is dry for too long, it becomes itchy, and if it’s not treated on time, there’ll be a breakout. These breakouts are the entrance for unwanted bacteria to enter the hair and cause infections. These infections show pores that make the scalp irritated and unappealing.

With olive oil, you can prevent dryness and, by extension, scalp irritability. When you apply it to your hair or scalp, it keeps it moisturized and smooth. Some of it even sinks into the hair to sap out water moisture that causes scalp swelling.

Now that you know all the uses of olive oil for the hair, how do you apply it?

Olive oil is applied in three simple steps. One, you measure it using a tablespoon. A tablespoon full of olive is enough to go around your hair. After this, you massage the oil into your hair for minutes before shampooing it off. Doing this from time to time will improve your hair significantly.


Olive oil is a versatile natural oil with a thousand and one prominent uses. If you’ve followed this article closely, you’ll have realized some of its uses for your hair. If you decide to choose it, ensure you use it moderately.

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