5 Effective Ways to Naturally Hydrate Your Dry Hair

Effective Ways to Naturally Hydrate Your Dry Hair

If you dab your hand around your hair and notice it is frizzy, coarse, and feels like straw, you should know that your hair is getting dry. This means that your scalp is unable to provide your follicles with natural oil that’ll keep the hair moisturized and hydrated. While this isn’t as terrible as people make it out to be, it can pose a considerable threat to your hair health.

So you need to keep your hair hydrated as often as possible. When you do this, you aren’t only saving your hair from dryness, but you’re also enhancing your hair health. So if you’re not aware of effective ways to keep your hair hydrated, let us help you.

Through this article, we will recommend five effective ways to naturally hydrate your hair if it’s dry or maintain hydration if it’s not. But before that, let’s first discuss what makes the hair dry.

What Makes Hair Dry?

What Makes Hair Dry?

There’s a sebaceous gland within the hair skin that produces a natural oil called sebum. This oil is what gives the hair its natural shine. Bearing this in mind, why does the hair get dry when it has a natural oil supply? There are several answers to that question, and it includes the following:

Environmental Exposure

Environmental conditions on the hair are too harsh and unfriendly on the hair. So naturally, the moisture level in the hair is quite limited. But with environmental exposures like sun, humidity, wind, and other environmental pollutants, it gets more depleted, resulting in hair dryness.

Hair Care Routines

Bad hair care practices are the primary causes of dryness in the hair. While most people do them thinking they are improving the quality of their hair, they are causing it more damage. Hair care routines like an everyday wash, heat styling, and chemical applications are some of the hair care practices that reduce the oil in the hair, making it dry.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions pose a direct threat to hair health, and the first evidence of this is a reduction in the moisture available for the hair. Some of these conditions include hypothyroidism, anorexia nervosa, and hypoparathyroidism, to mention a few. What’s more, the drugs you use to treat these conditions may also affect your hair health.

While each of these causes is potent enough to make the hair dry, sometimes they might combine, making things worse for the hair. So what do you do, especially if your hair is dry through the first two causes? You hydrate it.

Five Effective Ways On How To Naturally Hydrate the Hair

The following are tested ways how to hydrate your hair whether it’s already dry or you want to keep it hydrated:

1. Try Hydrating Shampoo

Try Hydrating Shampoo If you’re wondering what hydrating shampoo is, it’s a shampoo with mild yet effective cleansing and nutritional components. It acts as a protective agent for the natural layers of the hair while retaining moisture within while keeping the hair hydrated. It works perfectly without stripping the hair off its natural oils like other shampoos.

Its components include ingredients like natural oils, glycerine, aloe vera, and antioxidants, amongst several others. If you’re committed to hydrating your dry hair, this should be your first course of action. If you want to know about specific hydrating shampoo, you can ask your stylist for less expensive options.

2. Try Scalp Treatment

Whatever treatment you give your scalp will reflect on the health of your hair. For example, if your hair is dry, it indicates that your scalp is poorly treated. That’s because the scalp carries so much importance concerning the health of your hair, both in appearance and texture.

So if you want to save your hair from dryness, you should try scalp treatment. It’s one of the ways to improve the production of natural oil in the hair to keep the hair hydrated. You should use scalp treatment products and combine them with a regular scalp massage to get the best possible outcome.

3. Condition Your Hair

Hair conditioning is another viable solution to dry hair. It’s effective in providing hair with necessary moisture, which banishes dryness. Even when you don’t shampoo your hair, ensure you condition it if you’re all about keeping it hydrated. This must be a leave-in conditioner because it works perfectly for hydrating dry hair.

You can either use recommended products or use natural homemade remedies like natural oils. For example, Argan oil or coconut milk will work wonders. You have to apply it properly. But if you don’t trust homemade remedies, you can quiz your stylist on what products to use for hair conditioning.

4. Drink More Water

Usually, when treating dryness, people focus on external practices when there are internal practices that are as important as the external ones. Enough Water consumption is one of those internal practices to keep your hair hydrated. Regardless of how small it is, the amount of water you drink determines how hydrated your hair will be.

So if it’s already little, you can increase your intake. You’re required to gulp in at least eight glasses of water a day. Anything less may not directly contribute to hair hydration.

5. Avoid Heat Application

When you heat style your hair, you’ll see patterns you never imagined you could create on it. But, as exciting as it might be, the benefits are only temporary, and their effects are everlasting. That’s because the hair is too fragile to withstand so much heat transfer from heat tools.

The truth is that these tools aren’t regulated, and those that are regulated have their temperatures beginning at 350°F. As thick as the skin, heat can hurt it, let alone the hair. So if you want to keep your hair hydrated, avoid heat application. And if you have to, use a heat mask.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no matter how dry your hair is, there are effective natural ways to hydrate it. As we’ve spelled it out for you, you have to ensure you practice all of these ways regularly to keep your hair hydrated.

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