The Top 5 Most Stylish Long Haircuts for Men

The Most Stylish Long Haircuts for Men

In judging a man’s appearance, one of the first noticeable measures is his hair. The hairstyle, its length, texture, and luster, amongst several other things, are attractive features that’ll hint into a man’s personality. While there are men who appreciate keeping it short and cropped, a growing number of men want their hair long.

Men didn’t start keeping their hair long yesterday or today; it’s rooted in most cultures and societies for ages. But times have changed, and a resurgence in this style requires complimentary haircuts that reveal the best lines of a man’s face while hiding those less attractive lines.

If you’re carrying long hair and interested in learning ways to style your hair, you’re at the best place to learn. Here, we’ll show you the top five most stylish haircuts for men with long hair. But beyond the resurging trend, does long hair look great on men? And what are the factors you must know before having long haircuts?

Does Long Hair Look Great on Men?

Yes! Long hair looks delectable on men, and that’s because it suits all face shapes. What’s more, if there are added layers, and the texture is perfectly worked out, it is admirable even for men who fancy short haircuts. Another thing to note about long hair is that it is an immense show of confidence and a remarkable indication of good health. That’s why it’s fashionable and attractive.

However, if you decide to carry long hair, it has to be well cared for. If the hair is unhealthy or slightly damaged, it’s more noticeable on long hair than on short one. So if that’s your hair condition, you may want to cut it and start a proper growth journey. But if your hair is healthy, you need to complement it with some of the best haircuts for long hair.

Factors You Must Be Aware of Before Choosing a Long Haircut

Now that you know long hair looks great on men, there are certain factors to consider before choosing some haircuts. These factors include the following:

1. The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face goes a long way in determining whether a haircut is perfect for you or not, especially if your hair is long. You don’t want to do something that’ll project an appearance you’ll detest. So you must determine the shape of your shape and ensure you pick haircuts that fit it.

2. Your Hair Texture

The secret to having a perfect haircut also lies in choosing the most suitable one for your hair texture. If you have a straight hair texture, it’s better to choose haircuts for your texture, and the same applies to those with curly, loose, and wavy hair textures.

3. Your Personality and Lifestyle

You’ll have more confidence in your appearance when your haircut is in tune with your personality and lifestyle. While it’s not out of place to go unruly sometimes, you may want to keep things simple under your work demands. So pick what suits your personality and lifestyle.

Now that you know these, what are the haircuts with your long hair?

The Top Five Most Stylish Long Haircuts for Men

The top five most stylish long haircuts for men include:

1. Long Slick Back

The long slick back haircut is a great alternative for men with long hair to change their style while still maintaining a decent hair length. Creating a classy and fashionable slick back look requires brushing the hair at the front and middle back and tucking it behind the ears. It’s easily maintained and easily styled.

An advantage it offers is that it’s a good solution for those who have cowlicks once it’s properly combed. You may need to add essential oils or pomade to give the hair some shine. Once you get it right, you can rock it for different occasions.

2. Ponytail

If you step on the street and you count five men with long hair, the chances are high that three out of them would be wearing a ponytail. It’s low maintenance and arguably the most popular haircut for men with long hair. Although its prominence has been threatened by man bun, that doesn’t change how much of an option it still is.

It’s versatile enough to be styled in multiple ways. Whether classic, braided, half, high or curly, any ponytail style fits any occasion. You’ll perfectly show it off when you add some oil to give it more shine

3. Long Wavy and Textured Haircut

While this is common amongst some movie stars, surfers, and rock bands, it’s not a haircut you can’t recreate. Instead, it’s very fashionable, versatile, and appealing to men and women if properly styled. The most modern style of this haircut incorporates pompadour to lift the top and the edges slightly.

If neatly styled, you can wear it to any occasion. Think about Jason Momoa and how confident he has with his textured wave. You can have that too, and you can always tuck it behind your hair to keep it falling across your face.

4. Man Bun

A man bun is another sleek and modern haircut for men with long hair. It has slight similarities with topknot and ponytail, but they are different. The bun is usually at the back of the head while the topknot is on the top of the head, and the ponytail moves anyway, depending on how you want to rock it.

To make your man bun perfect, it’s better to position it below your crown and keep it loose. It’s low maintenance and a style you can pull off without your stylist.

5. Center Part

Center parting is another way to switch things up with your long hair. Of course, a center parting is always appealing, but you can also have a side part with the other half of the hair swept to the other part. Certainly a great style to pull off.


The good thing about these suggestions is that you don’t have to focus on only one haircut. You can constantly change them while still maintaining the beauty of your long locks.

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