How Can I Improve the Quality of a Thin Hair?

How Can I Improve the Quality of a Thin Hair

When you evaluate people’s choices of jeans, margaritas, and pasta, you’ll realize the extent to which many prefer them thin. However, as widely applicable as this preference is, it doesn’t extend to the quality of hair because no one wants thin and unattractive hair on the head. Instead, every person wants thick, lustrous, and slick hair that accentuates the best features of the face.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to hair thinning because it can occur based on factors independent of your doings. It’s even one of, if not the biggest complaint in the salon hairstylists has to deal with. And as much as it’s not life-threatening, it deserves immediate attention once you begin to notice it.

If you’re experiencing hair thinning and are interested in eliminating it as soon as possible, this article is for you. Here, we will recommend ways to improve your hair quality from thin to thick, unattractive to alluring. However, while this is the priority, let’s first show you the causes of hair thinning.

The Causes of Hair Thinning

Hair thinning has several causative agents, some self-induced while others aren’t. They include the following:

1. Genetics

The genes are the major causative agents of hair thinning because they relate to aging. We have healthier and fuller hair when we’re younger because our genes are very active to perform optimally. But as we age, they tend to lose this efficiency, and the result shows in the quality of our hair. For men, thinning shows in the form of recession around the hairline, while for women, the hair loses density.

2. Diet

It’s common knowledge that our food significantly reflects how we look. If you eat healthily, you stand a good chance to look healthy, and vice versa. The hair derives certain nutrients from the food we eat. So once your diet has a good amount of these nutrients, your hair will grow optimally. But if not, you may run the risk of hair thinning.

3. Aggressive Hairstyles

Trying out different hairstyles is good to alternate one’s look. Unfortunately, certain hairstyles cause more harm to the hair than you can ever imagine. Tight ponytails, cornrows, braids, and other styles that pull the strands to the back can cause hair thinning.

How to Improve the Quality of a Thin Hair

The Causes of Hair Thinning

The following are some of the ways to improve the quality of a thin hair:

1. Root Lifting

The hair appears thin sometimes because it is stuck to the scalp. So to remove this thinning illusion, you have to do two basic things; the first is to have a mild blowdry till the hair is slightly damp, and the second is to apply a volumizing product to lift it at the root. This has proven effective, but there’s a catch – the product you use has to be recommended by your stylist, and you must defend the hair from the heat with a heat protectant.

2. Alternate the Part

It’s undeniable that parting accentuates the most alluring features of people’s faces, and there’s a tendency not to switch it for a long time. However, for someone suffering from hair thinning, you may have to alternate the part. After a long time being on the same part, the hair may have flattened, and a switch would lift the hair and give it more volume.

3. Reduce Heat Styling

One of the hair styling tools you’ll meet in most people’s closets is a heat styling tool. Most people are fond of it because of how effective it is to switch the shape of the hair. However, this effect isn’t positive; rather, it does more harm than good. Precisely, it saps out the oil in the hair, making it dry and susceptible to breakage, which results in thinning. So to improve hair quality, you must reduce or stop heat styling.

4. Choose the Right Brush

Choosing the right brush is as important as every other hair regenerative measure mentioned above. For instance, if you choose metal brushes, they can get hot when blow drying the hair. Conversely, using hard plastic brushes can also cause breakage to already weak and thin hair.

So to avoid these effects from using the wrong brushes, you should use a boar bristle brush that glides through the hair without hassle or snagging at the hair. You can even go for another with a cushioned bottom that can help you stimulate your follicles and encourage them to grow optimally.

5. Avoid Aggressive Styling

To improve the quality of your hair, you’ll need to avoid hairstyles that pull your strands aggressively. The reason is that less aggressive hairstyles encourage hair growth which boosts hair density. So if you can avoid aggressive styles, you’re indirectly allowing your hair growth cycle to take a due course that shows quality, length, and luster.

6. Volumizing Cuts

It’s natural for hairstylists to recommend volumizing cuts if you’re dealing with hair thinning. While at it, ensure your stylist doesn’t give you long haircuts because they will make hair flatter, and the weight will divide the hair such that it’ll reveal so much of your scalp. So it’s usually better to go for short haircuts for mid-length haircuts.

7. Improve Your Diet

As we mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this post, food is vital to hair growth as much as other parts of the body. The healthier you eat, the healthier your hair becomes. So to improve the quality of your hair, ensure you eat food rich in hair growth nutrients like iron, zinc, keratin, fatty acids, and so on.


Improving the quality of thin hair isn’t as difficult as it seems; it only requires consistency in sticking to the effective tips mentioned above. What’s more, don’t trivialize the professionalism of your hairstylist in reviving your hair. As long as you’re sure you’ve chosen a competent one, ensure you observe strict adherence to all suggestions to get your hair back to the state you most desire.

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