How to Improve the Density of Curly Hair?

How to Improve the Density of Curly Hair

Curly hair has remarkably grown in popularity in recent times. People that naturally have it are seen to have embraced it more than before, and people that don’t have it naturally heat style their hair with products to create the curls. If you have natural curly hair, this is evidence that your curls are attractive and are amongst the best hair types.

However, the beauty of curly hair is wholesome when the hair has a good density. This density is identified by how many of these curls you have and how close they are. So this density affects the quality and allure of your curls.

Unfortunately, not every person has highly dense curls, affecting how the hair looks. So if you’re experiencing this and you’re wondering how to improve the density of your curls, this post is yours to read. Here, the focus will be on describing hair density and submitting ways to improve it if you have curly hair.

What is Hair Density

Hair density is the measurement of the amount of hair on the head per square inch. It can also be seen how closely packed the follicles on the scalp are and the level of the illusion of thickness they give. It determines the volume of hair and the shape of the hair, which impacts how you can style your hair and what styles you can do.

To say a person has fully dense hair, they must have about 2,500 strands per square inch. However, some people don’t have as much as this number, and it tells in the overall volume of their hair. While this low density is self-inflicted, others aren’t. To determine the cause of your low hair density, let’s discuss the possible causes.

The Causes of Low Density in Curly Hair

The Causes of Low Density in Curly Hair

If you don’t part your hair to a side, but you can see your scalp, your hair lacks density. The following factors cause this effect:

1. Genetics

Genetics go a long way in determining the volume and quality of your hair. The explanation for this is that if your parents or other family members have low density, the chances are high that you’ll also have it at some point in your life. This is usually the most notable cause of low hair density.

2. Diet

As you’re aware, what you eat reflects on your physical features. So if you eat well, you’ll certainly see positive results in your bodily features. And if you don’t, it’ll also show how you look.

This same thing affects the hair. While little research has established the relationship between food and hair quality, the fact remains that hair flourishes on certain nutrients, most of which can be found in food. So if these nutrients are lacking in your diet, you’ll certainly have low hair density.

3. Stress

Many people don’t know this, but stress affects physical and mental wellbeing. One of the physical effects of chronic stress is seen in the quality of the hair, which degenerates quickly. This happens because once stress hits a certain level, stress hormones are triggered in a way that begins to attack hair follicles, and this results in a lack of density.

4. Heat Styling

When you overheat your hair frequently, especially without a heat protectant, you’ll slowly burn out the strands such that the hair will lose the volume it once had. So heat styling also affects your hair density.

If you’re experiencing low density by virtue of any of the causes mentioned above, you need to learn how to improve your hair.

How To Improve the Density of Curly Hair

The following are certified ways to improve the density of a curly hair:

1. Test Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a natural plant with a wide range of versatility. People use it to revive many things, one of which is hair lacking density. It has moisturizing components and nutrients that enhance the strength of your follicles, giving them an illusion of density and much-needed shine.

You can take aloe vera, extract the gel, and rub it all over the hair. Ensure you leave it for about one minute for your hair to absorb it till it sinks into the scalp fully. After this, you can wash it off.

2. Oil Massage

It’s possible to doubt oil’s potency for hair growth if you’re using the wrong type of oil. But if you choose essential oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oil, among others, you can improve your hair density in a short period. Some hair enthusiasts even advise that people combine the oils to maximize their nutritional components.

3. Proper Diet

You also have to improve your diet by taking more healthy foods rich in hair growth nutrients. The nutrients supplied from food usually work faster than those in oils or other hair care products. The Diet should be filled with nutrients like protein, amino acids, keratin, zinc, iron, biotin, etc. You can even compliment these food-based nutrients with supplements that’ll stimulate their effect and enhance your hair density.

4. Non-surgical Hair Treatments

Certain non-invasive treatments have shown so much potential in hair restoration. These treatments include PRP therapy, low-frequency laser therapy, and many others. Some people have even attested to the potency of keratin treatment which is also a non-surgical hair restoration option you can explore. In all, be sure to discuss this with your dermatologist before deciding.

5. Medication

You can also try out medications specifically manufactured to enhance hair density. These medications include Minoxidil and Finasteride. While Minoxidil is a more effective medication, you can double it with Finasteride or use it alone, depending on how fast you want to increase the hair density.


Having thin curly hair isn’t permanent. You can always switch things up by observing basic yet effective measures that enhance your density. We have listed some in this post, and you can check them out and see how fast you’ll get that full curly hair.


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