Hairstyles You Should Avoid

Hairstyles You Should Avoid

Everyone adores their everyday ponytail as well as their messy nighttime bun. However, you might not know this, but there are some party hairstyles and home hairstyles that do damage to your hair in the long run. Here are trends in hairstyles that you should avoid.

The Loose Messy Bun

This is done for various reasons, including napping and preventing a blowout. Although you can get away with wearing it for a few hours during the day, you should never put your hair up when you go to bed.  Sleeping with your hair pulled back like that generates a lot of pulling at the hairline, which can be uncomfortable.

This can lead to a loss of hair. Having your hair tied back all day and night can be stressful on your tresses because of all the shifting your head does on your pillow or bedding. If you really must tie it up, make sure the knot is extremely loose and that you use silk or satin pillow covers to reduce the amount of friction that occurs.

Wet Look Hairdos

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If you don’t want to experience significant frizz or hair loss, you should avoid tying up the hair when it’s damp so it can dry naturally.  When hair is dry, it is much less likely to become damaged than wet. Products that give your hair the appearance of being wet also cause great damage, making it dry and brittle and increasing the likelihood that it will break.

The Usual Bun or Ponytail

Putting your hair in a ponytail is the quickest and most convenient method. Because they pull on your hair and are more likely to cause breakage, tight ponytails and buns are not a good idea. More importantly, regular denting causes your hair to lose its form and fray since it is always pulled at the same point. Make an effort to wear your hair down on occasion, experiment with different hairstyles, and look for hair bands with a fabric or other pliable coating.

Bangs Or Super Straight Hair

You will damage your hair irreparably by subjecting it to a daily straightening process. If you keep doing this regularly, you will develop alopecia, and your hair will become dry and damaged. In light of this, using a blow dryer on low heat for a short time is the preferable choice. Also, if you need to use a curling iron occasionally, it’s best to get one made of ceramic or tourmaline.


Using hair extensions daily does nothing but break your hair and pull at it, especially during everyday activities. Because of this, the hair will appear much more fragile and thinner. If you are experiencing issues with hair thinning, it is recommended that you get a high-quality wig and consult with a trichologist regarding the treatment of your hair. You should consider wearing your hair in one of these styles instead:

Low Bun

For shiny, manageable hair, nothing beats the low bun. Your hair follicles won’t be subjected to the pull of gravity for as long as you have that bun perfectly perched on the back of your neck.

Before twisting your hair over itself to make a low bun, you might find it helpful to first make a ponytail with your hair and then twist it. A ponytail is acceptable if you’re going for a polished look; don’t pull it too tight.

You can get started by deciding how the split in your hair will appear. Although some like their separation to be visible, you may scrape your hair back so that the parting is hidden. In most cases, a visible parting will enhance your appearance and complement your facial features. Once your hair is in the desired position, spin it carelessly around a finger on the same side. It would help if you wrapped the hair around itself and secured it with a tie.

Messy High Bun

There are moments when you need all of your hair to be out of the way. Although a high ponytail could be hair damaging, a high bun let free is far better. You can do a high bun in a few different ways. To begin, you can use the same technique as the low bun, which involves twisting the hair around itself. This results in a neater and more rounded bun.

By employing a different technique, you can achieve a look that is more unkempt yet appears natural. Be aware that if you possess thick hair, you’ll have to use a sturdy hairband.

Raise your hair to the desired level so that you can style it. After that, begin tying it as though you want to make a ponytail. However, this time, when you pull the hair through your hairband, pull it through only halfway. Repeat step one until you have one or two loops around the hair, depending on the size of the tie.

You’ll have a fan bun if you let go of your hair. You can achieve the look you want by rotating this bun, removing parts of hair from it, and pinning other parts back until you reach the desired result.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Even though the half-up, half-down hairstyle was all the rage a few years ago, it is still the best option for maintaining healthy hair. The only precaution to guarantee that it doesn’t cause any damage is to ensure that you pull the ponytail behind. If you don’t do this, you’ll have an effect similar to an elevated ponytail, which you wouldn’t want.

To accomplish this appearance:

  1. Take both hands and position the tips of the forefingers on the narrow region that you may find between the hairline and the ear.
  2. Bring your fingers together in the middle by dragging them back while moving them upwards.
  3. While holding your ponytail in place with one hand, brush the back of your hair to smooth out any flyaways.

After that, fasten it with a hair band of your choosing. As recommended by several experts, you can achieve this fun and preppy style by simply wearing a scrunchie.

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