Top 7 Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in the World

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in the World

Using hair transplants to correct hair loss is not a new phenomenon. It’s been a treatment option for as far back as you can imagine. However, many were opposed to it in the past because it had a few complications, and it barely gave natural-looking results.

The good news is that things have changed drastically as hair transplant has reached new heights in terms of its effectiveness and natural-looking results it offers. Many people now go for it, and it helps them forget about their hair loss issues in less than 15 months. This wouldn’t have been possible without the standardization and improvement of the surgical procedure by well-trained doctors practicing in cutting-edge clinics.

That’s why it’s crucial that whenever you want to have your hair transplant, it must be done by the best surgeons in a standard clinic. So, if you’re at this stage and want to know the world’s best hair transplant clinics and surgeons, this post is for you. First, we will discuss how hair transplant has changed from a doubtful procedure to the most chosen hair restoration treatment option. After this, we’ll suggest some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the world you can meet for your hair transplant treatment.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in the World

The following are some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the world:

1. CapilClinic


CapilClinic tops the list of the best hair transplant clinics globally by a wide margin. The clinic is an exceptional establishment created to help as many people as possible put an end to their hair loss worries. Since its establishment, the clinic has strived to achieve this purpose in all patients regardless of their hair loss, whether mild or severe.

The commitment to this purpose has brought the clinic so much success that it has branches in many cities across the UK, Turkey, Mexico, Hungary, and Spain. Every branch retains this primary purpose in furthering the goals of the clinic. As a result, the clinic has some of the best hair transplant surgeons globally, including Dr. Oguz Kayiran, Dr. Maria Carmen Soto, Dr. Joel Charra, Dr. Diego Valadez, Dr. Pragyan Sahu and Dr. Jyotsna Kumari. These doctors put their skills and experience to practice while performing any hair restoration treatments offered in the clinic. These treatments include FUE transplant, DHI transplant, and stem cell treatment that are performed in the most conducive environment.

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2. The Harley Street Clinic

HCA HealthCare UK

The Harley Street Clinic is a world-leading clinic that offers various aesthetic services cosmetic surgery, neuroscience, oncology, facial treatment, cardiology, body treatment, etc. The clinic has established itself as a giant in these areas, particularly hair transplant surgery. It has been very successful in this field with many branches across the UK and US.

The clinic offers outstanding care to as many people that want, and these people leave with 100% satisfaction which is evident in the clinic’s testimonials. They offer both the new and the conventional hair transplant procedures – FUE and FUT, and many other non-surgical treatments for hair loss. They use top-notch instruments in executing each of these procedures, and they’ve recorded thousands of operations since its establishment. You can check them out anywhere in the UK, like Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, Liverpool, Maidenhead, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Southampton, etc.

3. Bernstein Medical, New York

Bernstein Medical

Bernstein Medical is another world-class hair transplant clinic that passes all measures that place clinics on that plane. The clinic is renowned in the US and worldwide for the standard of hair transplant services they provide. They are the point of reference for many hair stylists and beauticians in the country, and they have helped thousands of people overcome hair loss.

All surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures are led by the founder and world-renowned doctor, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein. He’s an expert in the FUT and FUE procedure and has been globally recognized for his unique style in addressing hair loss issues. The clinic at Midtown Manhattan meets world-class standards in terms of sophistication and comfortability. They are arguably the best in the United States.

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4. HairPalace Clinic

Hair Palace

A list of the best hair transplant clinics wouldn’t be complete without HairPalace Clinic. The clinic is one of the most exceptional clinics that offer the highest guarantee for all their hair restoration procedures. They are confident in their techniques and the skills of their surgeons in making every patient’s hair wish a reality.

They have distinguished themselves amongst their competitors by mastering the follicular unit extraction technique basics and have modulated it to enhance its results and better serve their patients. The clinic has recorded many successful operations using this technique and is still researching ways to improve its application. Their commitment to excellence is unrivaled, and that’s how they’ve created an outstanding reputation for themselves. They have some of the best doctors who always use a customized treatment plan for all their patients.

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6. Hermest Hair Transplant

Hermest Istanbul Clinic

Hermest Hair Transplant is one of the most chosen hair transplant clinics globally. That’s because it is located in Turkey, the most chosen hair transplant destination globally. This clinic provides gold-standard services to all local and international patients. As they’ve been around for over two decades, they always have the best solution for even the most complex hair loss condition.

The clinic leverages the skills and experiences of its doctors, some of whom are the best in the world. These doctors are the best specialists in FUE hair transplant with the sapphire transplant, DHI, and percutaneous technique. They can achieve a high level of excellence in all these procedures because they incorporate technological tools with manual proficiency to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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7. Medlinks Hair Transplant


Medlink is another world-leading hair transplant clinic based in New Delhi, India. They are a trailblazer in the country, bringing them international recognition. The clinic offers advanced hair restoration treatments that involve using high-tech tools like cold LED light, a high-resolution camera, an automated adjustable table, and many other cutting-edge technologies that enhance the results of their procedures.

The clinic offers FUT and FUE transplants and reconstructive hair transplants for people who have had bad surgery at other places. Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi and Dr. Gaurang Krishna have won the clinic numerous awards through exceptional services. These doctors have created a novel technique – PERFECT-i – which has worked remarkably on many patients. With a relentless attitude to offering the best hair transplant services, it’ll be difficult for competitors to displace them as a world-class hair transplant clinic.

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How Has Hair Transplant Changed?

Hair transplant used to have a bad rap such that it was one of the most avoided cosmetic procedures. You’ll hear people carry different misconceptions around like the results look fake, that it’s easy to determine who has had it, that it leaves a bad scar, and that it’s a plugging exercise that makes people look like chia pets. While many of these perspectives are misconceptions, technological advancement has helped change people’s wrong ideas about hair transplants.

Today, thousands of people go for the surgery all year round because they have identified how potent it is in eliminating hair loss. In other words, the surgery has gone beyond what it once was to become the most preferred treatment option amongst people experiencing hair loss. But the question remains – how has it changed?

If you’ve done your research, you’ll realize that the old method of hair transplantation, the follicular unit transplant, requires the strip harvest of hair grafts from one part of the head, which is then implanted on the part that’s hair deficient. This procedure has its benefits, but it struggled to live up to expectations because many grafts might die before they are implanted, leading to complications and a poor outcome.

But today, this method has been greatly improved such that it remains relevant, and it has led to the development of a newer method which is the FUE transplant. On the other hand, the FUE transplant involves the removal of a predetermined number of hair grafts from an area called the donor area, which is preserved for a short period while they are out of the donor area before they are individually grafted into the area that’s lacking hair. So while the old procedure is highly invasive, this new method is minimally invasive and is today the most preferred.

In essence, hair transplant has gone beyond a procedure that’s painful and barely assured success to one that’s almost painless and more effective. The underlying difference is the precision technology has offered in grafting the hair and how it’s been very useful in creating other procedures like sapphire FUE, direct hair implantation, robotics transplants, and many others.

So if you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate because it’s one of the surest ways to deal with your hair loss condition. But as we’ve said, it must be done by the best surgeons in a good clinic. This is the foremost step toward having a successful and rewarding hair transplant surgery. While determining the world-best hair transplant clinic and surgeons may be difficult, we have created a shortlist for you to explore. But first, what makes clinics and surgeons the best?

What makes clinics and surgeons the best in the world?

Some of the factors that places clinics and their surgeons on the list of the best in the world include the following:

1. The Quality of Services Rendered

There are a good number of clinics and surgeons all over the world that have created a solid reputation due to the quality of hair transplant services they render. If they have consistently done this locally and internationally since establishment, prioritizing patient care and safety over anything, they qualify to be the best in the world. What’s more is that if they have an extensive network of branches in many countries and maintain this quality, they qualify.

2. The Proficiency of the surgeons

Although most hair transplant surgeons get the same degree and undergo the same training, while some specialize in a few areas, others specialize in all areas of hair restoration. Hence, their proficiency in correcting arrays of hair loss conditions using different techniques differs. The point to take away is that the skillset of a surgeon determines whether they belong on the list of the best in the world or not.

3. Standard of the Clinic

The standard of a hair transplant clinic is determined by the state of the clinic and the available tools within the facility. The best clinics in the world often have state-of-the-art facilities that are well-equipped with technological tools that bolster the precision of all hair transplant procedures. Additionally, if a clinic consistently maintains a high success rate, then it’ll in no time become one of the best in the world.

4. Local and International Presence and Registration

This is one of the factors that determines the standard of clinics and surgeons. A world-class clinic and surgeon must be registered and accredited by reputable local and international hair restoration organizations. The number of certifications they have determines their membership with these organizations. What’s more, they must have multiple branches locally, and a few abroad.

5. Wide Network of Satisfied Patients

When a clinic and its surgeons have performed thousands of successful hair transplant procedures with 100% satisfied patients, such clinics and their surgeons are in contention to be world-class. What’s more, if this network of patients cuts across various nationalities worldwide, the clinics and surgeons have transcended local standards to provide hair restoration treatment.

Considering all of these metrics mentioned above, what clinics and surgeons are the best?

FAQs About Hair Transplant in The World

FAQs About Hair Transplant in The World

The magic of hair transplantation lies in the artful relocation of hair follicles. These follicles are taken from the back and sides of your scalp and strategically placed in areas where hair is thinning or absent. It’s like nature’s redistribution of your own hair resources to where they’re needed most. Say goodbye to baldness through a remarkable solution – hair transplantation. This technique harnesses the power of your own hair to combat hair loss effectively.

Curious about hair transplants? We’ve got you covered. This article provides you some of the most common questions people have about hair transplants across the globe and the latest and most accurate information, empowering you to make a well-informed decision on your journey to hair restoration.

Do Hair Transplants Offer a Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

Hair transplant procedures provide a long-lasting remedy for hair loss. In this surgical method, hair follicles are moved from the donor area situated at the back and sides of the head to areas where hair is thinning. The transplanted hair exhibits a lifelong growth pattern, as long as the health and vitality of the donor hair are maintained. Expert surgeons not only conduct these transplants but also offer valuable advice on preserving the health of your hair.

What about Pain and Discomfort?

You won’t experience any pain during the procedure. Initially, a local anesthetic injection is administered to numb your scalp. You may feel some sensations of the scalp being gently pulled or tugged, but you shouldn’t feel pain. It’s important to note that after the procedure, once the effects of the anesthetic wear off, you might experience mild discomfort for a short period. However, rest assured, this discomfort will be brief, and you will be provided with medication to alleviate it.

Can You Regain Your Original Hair Density?

The objective of hair transplant specialists is to help patients achieve their desired hair fullness. However, fully restoring hair to its original density is generally not feasible for most people. This limitation arises from the finite supply of hair available from donor areas. For those fortunate enough to have abundant donor resources, the dense packing surgical technique may enable them to achieve denser hair.

Do Donor Hair Follicles Regrow?

No, they do not. The hair extracted from the donor area using techniques such as the Long Hair Technique and FUE Techniques does not grow back. The process involves redistributing hair, and the total number of hairs remains the same after the transplant.

What Attire Should I Choose?

When deciding on your attire for the day of the procedure, comfort should be your top priority. You’ll be spending most of the day seated or lying down, so opt for loose-fitting clothing. Consider wearing a roomy button-up shirt or a loose top. This choice allows for easy removal after the procedure without causing any friction on your donor area or the newly transplanted hair regions.

Is Bringing a Book or Tablet a Good Idea?

Given the duration of the procedure, it’s a smart idea to bring along something that can keep you engaged. Many patients have found it beneficial to bring a tablet loaded with movies or TV series. Alternatively, some simply enjoy listening to music. While some clinics offer TV screens, most patients prefer having control over their entertainment options.

Why Are Some Hair Transplants So Obvious?

The visibility of some hair transplants can often be attributed to outdated techniques, inexperienced surgeons, and clinics that prioritize quantity over quality. When profit takes precedence over medical integrity, the result can be subpar procedures and unethical practices, leading to obvious or poorly integrated transplants.

How Long Will the Procedure Last?

How Long Will the Procedure Last?

The duration of the procedure depends on the number of hair grafts required. Typically, these procedures last around 6-8 hours, essentially constituting a full day at the clinic. However, in cases where a significant number of grafts are needed, your doctor might suggest a two-day treatment plan to ensure your comfort.

Can You Really Receive a Natural-Looking Hairline?

The primary focus during the surgical process revolves around creating an entirely authentic hairline. Every step of the hair transplant procedure is meticulously designed to ensure the most genuine outcome possible.

Is Hair Transplantation Painful?

In the domain of hair transplantation, a frequently asked question concerns the level of discomfort during the procedure. Nevertheless, comprehensive measures are in place to guarantee that patients experience only minimal discomfort throughout the process. How is this achieved? By using a localized anesthetic before the surgery begins. This strategic approach not only numbs the area but also contributes to a more pleasant experience for our esteemed patients.

Should I Cut My Hair Before Treatment?

Whether or not to trim your hair before undergoing a hair transplant treatment depends on the specific instructions provided by the clinic or surgeon conducting the procedure. Different clinics may have different recommendations, so it’s crucial to closely adhere to their guidance to achieve the best possible outcome.

In certain instances, trimming your hair before the treatment can be advantageous. It can assist the surgeon in having better visibility and precision during the procedure, potentially reducing the risk of harming hair follicles.

Conversely, some clinics prefer that patients maintain their current hair length before treatment. Longer hair in the recipient area can help conceal the transplanted grafts during the initial healing phase, providing a more natural appearance as the hair regrows.

To ensure you’re following the correct pre-procedure instructions, communicate directly with your selected clinic or surgeon. They will furnish you with specific guidelines on whether to cut, trim, or leave your hair as is prior to the treatment. Adhering to their recommendations will contribute significantly to the procedure’s success and your overall satisfaction with the results.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Surgeon?

The primary and most vital consideration revolves around choosing the right surgeon. This decision warrants careful assessment to ensure you make the best possible choice. One important step is to examine the surgeon’s affiliations with esteemed professional bodies like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Such affiliations serve as a solid indicator of the surgeon’s commitment to high standards in their practice.

Listening to the experiences of satisfied patients is another valuable measure. Current endorsements from people who have had successful hair transplants can provide reassurance about the surgeon’s competency.

Final Words

One of the most fulfilling parts of having a hair transplant is ensuring the best clinics and surgeons perform the surgery. When you check this box, the chances are high that your expectations will be met and exceeded by this clinic because they’ve created a reputation for doing so. So make the right choice that’ll restore your hair and your self-confidence.

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