Top 5 Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Liverpool

Top 5 Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Doctors in Liverpool

Due to an increase in individuals seeking treatment in relation to hair transplantation and restoration, there are now more treatment options available to patients in the United Kingdom most especially in Liverpool than ever before. To get the finest results from a hair transplant procedure, you need to conduct thorough research into the clinic’s reputation, pricing, and staff before making a decision. An established clinic with skilled surgeons is your best bet if you’re looking to get hair transplantation surgery performed. There are several clinics and surgeons to choose from when it comes to getting a hair transplant in Liverpool. In this article we have selected the best 5 hair clinics in Liverpool.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Liverpool

1- CapilClinic


One of the greatest and most respected hair transplant clinics in Liverpool and throughout the United Kingdom is Capilclinic. An excellent service for hair restoration is offered at the Capilclinic Transplantation located in Liverpool. Capilclinic is one of the largest private hospital groups in the country.

As a major international model and reference, the Capilclinic boasts of cutting-edge technology in their facility. Dr. Jyotsna Kumari, a surgeon at the facility, has more than a decade of experience in hair transplantation. Capilclinic has treated patient from different part of the country.

Capilclinic has the JCI Accreditation, an international certification that ensures the highest levels of excellence in health care. Global health care providers are regarded as JCI-accredited organizations. In terms of knowledge and expertise, there is no one better than JCI’s consultants. Clients at Capilclinic Liverpool can choose from a variety of treatments, including FUE Sapphire hair transplants, a free assessment (in person or via photos), one PRP session on the day of the surgery, a hair wash and medication KIT, and follow-up appointments at the clinic after the procedure.

2- UK Hair Transplant Clinics

2. UK Hair Transplant Clinics

This clinic is located at 5 St. Paul’s Square in Liverpool. At UK hair clinic, one of the surgical assistants who have received specialized training in treatment planning, conducts each consultation. A CQC certification assures that they are able to deliver professional, honest, straightforward consultations to everybody who walks through the clinic’s doors. If you’re not ready for a transplant, there are a variety of non-surgical solutions that can be tailored to your specific situation.

For the past eight years, UK Hair Transplant Clinics have been receiving outstanding reviews. There are a large number of highly skilled and experienced surgeons working for them. Each clinic is certified and controlled by the government’s “Care Quality Commission” (CQC) to ensure that all of their treatments are performed in a safe setting and that they satisfy the required criteria. Their high standards are matched by their genuine concern for each and every one of the patients they treat on a daily basis. You can get a free consultation anywhere in Liverpool from the UK Hair Transplant Clinics. The clinic also offer hotel accommodations for those who need to travel for the procedure.

Throughout the entire process, you can rely on the clinic team of hair transplant surgeons for honest guidance and round-the-clock support, so you can be rest assured of their professionalism. The UK, hair transplant clinics pride themselves on their aftercare service, where each patient receives one-on-one assistance from a coordinator before and after surgery. A guarantee on all surgical operations ensures that patients are safeguarded, and if the technique fails to deliver on its initial promise, you will be invited back for a second surgery at no additional cost to you.

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3- Dr Jyotsna Kumari

Dr Joytsna Kumari

Dr. Jyotsna Kumari is considered to be one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Liverpool. This highly skilled hair transplant surgeon received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from KLE University and the University of Southampton. She received her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Hertfordshire in 1996 and her Master of Science (MSc), Dermatology Skills and Treatment, from the University of Hertfordshire from 2011 to 2012.

Dr. Jyotsna Kumari has performed over 1000 hair transplants in the last few years, the most of which have taken place in the United Kingdom. She treated patients from all over the world and established herself as the top surgeon in Liverpool, earning her a prestigious reputation throughout the region. She began her professional career as a nephrologist, progressing and working inside the National Health Service (NHS), and was later able to build exceptional talents in dermatology. Later on, she discover her true calling when she becomes an unchallenged specialist in FUE hair transplantation. After she has honed her craft, she became in charge of a clinic that she has founded in order to meet the needs of her many patients.

This clinic is a true landmark in the field of hair transplantation and dermatological treatments in the northern part of England. She takes tremendous care with each transplant, utilizing the most up-to-date technology available in the hair restoration industry. Its achievements speak for themselves, and it has established itself as a national authority in its field. Capilclinic Liverpool is currently under the supervision of Dr Jyotsna Kumari. From dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon at Renew Skin and Health Clinic to Care Quality Commission Registered and Medical Doctor at various roles in the Hospital.

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4- Hillside Hair Clinic

HHC hair transplant clinic in Liverpool

Hill Hair Clinic is home to some of the most accomplished hair transplant surgeons in the United Kingdom. The clinic has offices in many locations throughout the United Kingdom, including the Liverpool office located at 88 Rodney Street Liverpool L1 9AR. The HHC Clinics provide a serene and tranquil clinical atmosphere for their patients to relax in. When you first contact them, they goal is to provide clients with an experience that will not only set their mind at ease, but also allow them to have confidence that they are in the hands of highly qualified hair restoration surgeons and medical staff.

Today’s developments in medical innovation have resulted in the most advanced hair transplant treatments available, which are now second to none. This is most likely why the clinic are seeing an increase in the number of men and women undergoing hair transplant operations. It’s safe to assume that it’s never been more popular than it is right now. To top it all off, hair transplants are now being used in a variety of additional methods to enhance people’s physical appearance as well. Everyone can benefit from a variety of procedures ranging from brow transplants to beard and body hair operations.

Hill Hair Clinic is a clinic with a long history. More than 3,000 hair transplant procedures have been completed by the team in the last eight years. The facilities are second to none, and the hair clinic prides themselves of constantly been one step ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest hair transplantation advancements. Hill Hair Clinic are well-known, and they have a large number of famous customers. Hill Hair Clinic GMC-registered surgeons are among the best you’ll find anywhere, and they have years of experience. Additionally, HHC offers a variety of unique services such as purpose-built hair transplant surgery, a beautiful & discrete private clinic, affordable pricing, financing alternatives, and a first consultation that is completely free.

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5- The Hair Dr Clinic

The Hair Dr Clinic

The Hair Dr Clinic has locations in several cities throughout the United Kingdom, with Liverpool being one of them. The hair transplantation clinic is located in 72 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR, and offers a variety of services. The Hair Dr Clinic provides hair diagnostic and hair restoration services to clients in the greater Liverpool clinic. Surgical and non-surgical treatments are available, and they use the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology available in the industry. They can help with both male and female pattern hair loss, as well as other types of alopecia. The clinic provides a comprehensive hair treatment and restoration service that begins with a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs and expectations. As a result, they will always provide you with advice and treatment that is in your best interests, no matter what. The hair transplant surgery center is fully equipped and have been specifically built to ensure clients comfort and convenience. The clinic take great satisfaction in providing the finest grade of surgical hair restoration in the north and south of England, as well as consultations throughout the United Kingdom, to their patients.

The hair restoration clinic treatment and hair loss treatments are comprehensive, as is their selection of products. In turn, they are able to successfully treat a wide range of hair loss issues as a result. The hospital crew is surgically competent and highly proficient, and they are able to provide all of the most up-to-date hair transplant treatments. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), as well as the highly sought after BHFUE (Bilateral Hair Transplantation) are all options you will get from the clinic. Other hair restoration techniques, such as eyebrow and eyelash rebuilding, are also available. They services are available to both men and women. Men’s beard reconstruction is yet another popular treatment that they are skilled at providing. Hair loss therapy using micropigmentation is a non-surgical approach that is also used to treat a number of diseases, ranging from widespread thinning to advanced hair loss. It can also be used to mask unattractive scars. The Hair Dr Clinic is known for having excellent standards with their artistic abilities and the application of advanced procedures. The clinic doctor’s in the clinic pays complete and meticulous attention to detail, planning, and design. As a result, the Hair Dr is able to achieve consistent natural hair growth results. This is in addition to the client’s long-term satisfaction.

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Hair Transplant Frequent Asked Questions

How do I pick a hair transplant clinic in Liverpool?

One of the most crucial elements to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic is the quality, expertise, licensing, and professionalism of the hair transplant surgeon because, after all, your hair is in their hands.

What are some of the questions I should ask my plastic surgeon before having hair transplant surgery?

Is the clinic certified by the CQC and other regulatory agencies? You can also check if the clinic or hospital is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and view their CQC registration on their website, and only hire licensed doctors and surgeons who are members of the General Medical Council (GMC)

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and how does it work?

Hair transplantation using Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is the most advanced and sophisticated procedure available. FUE involves removing individual follicles containing 1-4 hairs from the donor site (typically the sides and back of the head, chest, and back) and transplanting them into thinning or balding areas on the head.

What is the difference between strip hair transplant surgery and FUE hair transplant surgery?

The only difference between the two treatments is how the hair is taken from the scalps back. The procedure for implantation is the same. A strip of scalp is harvested from the donor location for the strip operation.

Is FUE appropriate for all patients?

Almost all patients, in our experience, are candidates for FUE hair transplantation. Some surgeons who perform both strip and FUE procedures may try to persuade you to do the strip since you aren’t a good candidate for FUE. This could be due to the surgeon’s lack of interest in and experience with FUE rather than the patient’s aptitude for the surgery.

Is Follicular Unit Transplantation a one-time procedure?

Transplanted hair behaves similarly to the hair from which it was extracted. When done correctly, it will last a lifetime for most people, or at the very least into old age. The surgical experts at British Hair Clinic simply re-distributes existing permanent hair to your thin regions.

During the procedure, who is in charge of what?

The surgeon and/or his assistants do the extraction. The surgeon then prepares the follicular recipient locations. This is the most important part of the procedure since it is here that the surgeon demonstrates his ability to create a natural-looking hair transplantation. Correct angle, forward or lateral direction, and depth are all important aspects of three-dimensional orientation. The assistants are unable to change the recipient site’s direction once it has been developed. The grafts are then implanted into the meticulously prepared recipient sites by one or more assistants.

Is it going to be painful?

The majority of patients report feeling at ease during and after Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant surgery. The patient will feel discomfort/pain while the local anesthetics are being administered. The patient does not experience any pain after the drug begins to function. Compared to strip surgery, there is less post-operative pain and recuperation time.

Is it possible to repeat the procedure?

Yes. There is no linear scarring with FUE, and the donor area is practically unaffected. The operation can be repeated, and up to 40% to 50% of the hairs can be removed without causing obvious donor-area thinning. Other hair transplant treatments, such as strip surgery, frequently leave noticeable scars in the donor area, and the risk of significant complications increases with each operation.

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