Tajmeel clinic

Tajmeel Clinic

Tajmeel Clinic offers hair transplant, scalpmicriopigmentation and aesthetic treatments, it is located in the south west of England, lead by Dr Khalili who is a […]

Surgen Bessam Farjo

Dr. Bessam Farjo

Dr. Bessam Farjo is a British hair transplant surgeon known for his expertise in hair restoration surgery. Along with his wife, Dr. Nilofer Farjo, he […]

Kesington Clinic

Kensington Hair Clinic

An industry leader in the UK, Kensington Hair Clinic has a reputation for its superior client service and top-notch knowledge. The clinic has collaborated with […]

Crown Clinic

Crown Clinic

Meet Dr. Asim Shahmalak, a highly reputable hair transplant surgeon with an illustrious career in general surgery. In 2008, he founded Crown Clinic, which is […]

Dr. Raghu Reddy Logo

Dr. Raghu Reddy

In order to obtain the best results, hair transplant surgery is a sophisticated treatment that calls for a qualified and experienced surgeon. To produce a […]

Dr. Mark Tam Logo

Dr. Mark Tam

Dr. Tam is a highly skilled hair transplant physician who graduated from Southampton Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine. A distinguished qualification that recognizes […]

Dr. Manish Mittal Logo

Dr. Manish Mittal

With years of experience in cosmetic medicine and hair restoration, Dr. Manish Mittal is a skilled hair transplant surgeon. He practices out of his Harley […]

Wimpole logo

Wimpole clinic

Since it was established in 1975, the Wimpole Clinic is considered to be one of the hair transplant clinics in the United Kingdom that has […]