Surgen Bessam Farjo

Dr. Bessam Farjo

Dr. Bessam Farjo is a British hair transplant surgeon known for his expertise in hair restoration surgery. Along with his wife, Dr. Nilofer Farjo, he […]

Kesington Clinic

Kensington Hair Clinic

An industry leader in the UK, Kensington Hair Clinic has a reputation for its superior client service and top-notch knowledge. The clinic has collaborated with […]

Crown Clinic

Crown Clinic

Meet Dr. Asim Shahmalak, a highly reputable hair transplant surgeon with an illustrious career in general surgery. In 2008, he founded Crown Clinic, which is […]

Dr. Raghu Reddy Logo

Dr. Raghu Reddy

In order to obtain the best results, hair transplant surgery is a sophisticated treatment that calls for a qualified and experienced surgeon. To produce a […]

Dr. Mark Tam Logo

Dr. Mark Tam

Dr. Tam is a highly skilled hair transplant physician who graduated from Southampton Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine. A distinguished qualification that recognizes […]

Dr. Manish Mittal Logo

Dr. Manish Mittal

With years of experience in cosmetic medicine and hair restoration, Dr. Manish Mittal is a skilled hair transplant surgeon. He practices out of his Harley […]

Wimpole logo

Wimpole clinic

Since it was established in 1975, the Wimpole Clinic is considered to be one of the hair transplant clinics in the United Kingdom that has […]

Harley Street Health Center

Harley Street Health Center

Hair thinning and loss are natural aspects of getting older, but they can also be caused by medical issues or scalp trauma. Those experiencing hair […]

Vinci Hair Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic London

With the great purpose of serving thousands of people suffering hair loss from all walks of life, Vinci has remained relentless since its establishment many […]