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The Sapphire FUE procedure used by Dr. Yavuz is dedicated to producing undetectable results in hair transplantation, with special emphasis on creating natural hairlines, achieving maximum density, and strategically placing donor’s hair. They continue to be the industry standard by providing high-quality medical care in state-of-the-art facilities while adhering to the highest medical principles and protecting the rights of their patients.

Since its founding over ten years ago, Dr. Yavuz Hair Transplant Service has amassed a team and staff of highly skilled professionals. In one session, they can transplant the most healthy grafts possible using the FUE method for hair transplantation. The FUE technique of hair transplantation has over 7,500 satisfied clients. Dr. Yavuz is Turkey’s first officially recognized hair transplant clinic, and its experienced medical staff and more than 7,500 happy patients speak to the facility’s success.

Revolutionary Hair Transplant Techniques

Dr Ziya Yavuz

The most effective hair transplant methods are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Both procedures require only a tiny amount of local anesthesia, are performed in the doctor’s office, and have no known side effects. During the clinic’s interview with BBC ONE, they discussed in depth the methods they use for hair transplantation, the facilities they provide for patients, and their care before, during, and after the procedure.

The success of the hair transplant depends on how natural the hairline in front looks. If the front of the hair replacement looks bad, it doesn’t matter how good the back and sides are. Dr. Yavuz takes precise facial measurements and then sketches a hairline that complements the patient’s features and age.

Dr. Yavuz uses a micro-determination technique for the donor site he created using image processing. As a result of using this method, it is possible to calculate the maximum number of viable grafts that can be taken from the donor region of a given patient.

This method also highlights the wealthy and impoverished areas inside the donor area. Since they now have a better idea of where and how many grafts to harvest during FUE, they can avoid the problem of overharvesting.

3 Days Schedule

Day 1- Travel to Istanbul Turkey

In the morning, you’ll depart for Istanbul, Turkey. You can count on being picked up by the chauffeur and driven directly to the hotel.

Day 2-Hair Transplantation

The chauffeur will pick you up right at your hotel. Dr. Yavuz does Hair Transplants with only local anesthetic. After the procedure, the chauffeur will return you to the hotel. After surgery, you should stay in bed at the hotel until the following morning.

Day 3- Follow-Up Appointment

The chauffeur will get you from the hotel for the follow-up appointment. Dr. Yavuz will take off the bandage and examine you. After the follow-up appointment, you can fly home or spend some time sightseeing in Istanbul.

Three Days Later

In just three days, you’ll be able to clean your hair without assistance. Alternatively, they can do that for you if you’re still in Istanbul. After the first four days of the operation, you can anticipate returning to work.

Address: Acibadem Dr. Şinasi Can Hastanesi, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Web: https://www.drziyayavuz.com/

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