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So, you’ve been researching hair restoration options online. Do not feel isolated. Recent statistics reveal that hair restoration treatments, such as hair transplants, have increased by 60% since 2014. This is likely due to the increasing prevalence of male pattern baldness.

Hereditary factors, hormonal shifts, drugs, sickness, trauma (such as burns or extreme mental stress), and aging are all potential causes of thinning hair or even complete baldness. Some people lose their hair for a variety of reasons.

Both the patient’s sense of self-worth and their sense of beauty can be negatively impacted by hair loss. Surgical hair restoration aims to conceal or restore a receding hairline and thicken hair in other places of the head where hair loss has become evident.

A hair transplant is a surgical operation moving hair from an unaffected area (the donor area) to a balding or thinning location.

Proto Clinic

In recent years, the Proto Clinic in Dubai has established itself as one of the city’s most highly recommended locations for hair treatment. Because of the extensive knowledge and expertise of their Specialists and the cutting-edge procedures and technology they employ, they have established a name for themselves as an industry leader in the treatment of hair loss and hair transplants. Their dedication to the well-being of their patients is of the utmost importance to them, and the numerous positive outcomes they have experienced are evidence of this. They are incredibly proud of their individualized hair treatment method, as they recognize that no two patients are identical and must create a unique key for each lock.

The organization’s mission is to improve the health of all patients, and these guiding principles are essential to achieving that goal. Their confidence in one another and openness to the world are the ideals that guide them.

The Services They Provide for Hair

· Follicular Unit Extraction (Fue)

One of the most commonly used methods for collecting hair from donor locations is FUE. A hair follicle is extracted at a time and transplanted into the target area using this technique. It provides benefits that are both natural and long-lasting.

· Follicular Unit Transplant

With the FUT procedure, doctors harvest your hair and skin strip from a discrete donor region on your body. After cutting the hair and skin, they then implant hair follicles into the recipient area. They preserve the donor area’s hair density with this technique.

· Women’s Hair Transplant

Women often feel self-conscious about their appearance when they see their hair is thinning or losing a lot of hair—a woman’s self-esteem borders on having long, healthy hair that gleams. For women, Proto Clinic has many options for hair transplantation, and they can customize it to meet their specific needs. They can help patients achieve a full hairline and thicker hair by evaluating their body’s needs and making recommendations for the best therapy or transplant procedure.

· Eyebrow Transplant

As a sensitive technique, hair transplantation for the brows requires that the grafts be carefully placed in precisely angled and oriented cuts to match the typical growth pattern. There’s no need for a scalpel or sutures here. Patients who have their eyebrows regrown won’t experience any side effects. Microsurgery is the only option for this operation.

· Beard Hair Transplant

Enhances facial hair’s look, giving you a more macho and mature appearance. Hair follicles from a thick area of hair on a patient’s head are harvested and transplanted into the beard in the same manner as hair follicles from a thick region of hair on a patient’s head. For a natural-looking result, a beard transplant needs the hairs to be placed precisely in small incisions oriented precisely in the appropriate direction and location.

Dr. Wissam Adada

He is a specialist in hair transplantation who also has years of experience working internationally in dermatological operations and aesthetic medicine, is the one who opened the clinic.

He employs only the most innovative and cutting-edge treatment methods because he is a specialist in his field and hair loss therapy. His success can be attributed partly to the enthusiasm that he pours into the work that he does. According to him, individuals receive the self-assurance, inspiration, and vitality they need to thrive in their life from the benefits of beauty and well-being. He prioritizes giving patients individualized care tailored to their specific requirements to assist them in regaining their sense of self-worth.

Because he recognizes the significance that his patients’ hair and appearance have in their lives, Dr. Adada approaches his work with great enthusiasm and dedication. The patient’s appearance affects their confidence, social life, and general happiness and welfare.

Dr. Adada hopes to overcome the constraints of conventional therapies for hair loss and transplants by using the singular viewpoint he has gained throughout his professional life. In his role as a medical professional, it is his responsibility to keep looking for novel treatments and approaches that are supported by evidence so that he can provide his patients with more significant benefits than they anticipate receiving. To provide his patients with natural and sustainable results over time, he exclusively uses the most recent and cutting-edge technologies. This endeavor has resulted in an abundance of motivational success stories.

Dr. Adada firmly believes that one should always approach treatment in a holistic and individualized manner. The issue must not only have its symptoms treated but must also be attacked from its source whenever possible to achieve the best results. Because of this, Dr. Wissam customizes every remedy after conducting a comprehensive investigation of each situation to determine the imbalances within the patient’s body.

How much is Hair Transplant in Dubai?

The price of getting a hair transplant in Dubai can change depending on your situation. The cost of a hair transplant can start as low as AED 6999 for a small area, while larger areas can be treated for AED 18,000 or even much more. It is highly recommended to arrange an appointment with one of our hair restoration specialists to understand the cost involved better.


Generally, a person is considered suitable for Hair Transplant in Dubai if they battle with hair loss daily and are terrified of becoming bald. However, they must have a sufficient quantity of donor’s hair to be a perfect candidate. To get secure outcomes, you must ensure that your health is in good shape.

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