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Since it was established in 1975, the Wimpole Clinic is considered to be one of the hair transplant clinics in the United Kingdom that has the longest history of providing its services. It has also been acknowledged with making a substantial contribution to the development of hair transplant restoration techniques in other regions of the world. Dr. Michael May, a highly regarded and world-famous hair transplant surgeon with a significant amount of experience in the area, serves as the leader of their highly experienced surgical team. Since they have collaborated on hair transplant procedures for more than two decades, the senior members of Dr. May’s surgical team are among the most skilled and experienced surgeons in the field of hair transplantation.

The Clinic Mission

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The clinic is of the opinion that there is not a single cause of hair loss that cannot be remedied by providing the patient with an accurate diagnosis and an extensive range of treatment options, both of which the clinic has been providing for patients for over four decades.

The Location of the Clinic

The Wimpole Clinic is spread across the United Kingdom with five distinct offices in various cities. No. 2 Harley Street, London, which is recognised for both their Head Quarters and surgery, is one of the locations where you may find them. This is also one of the locations where they perform surgery. Another location of the clinic can be found in London at number 22 Harley Street (Surgery). Other locations where the clinic can be found are as follows: Bristol (21 St George’s Rd) for (Pre & Post Op), Leicester (105 London Rd) for (Pre & Post Op), Birmingham (214D Hagley Rd) for (Surgery), and Essex (19 Balgores Square Gidea Park, Romford) for (Pre & Post Op).

Wimpole Unique Features

The longevity and success of the clinic may be attributed to the fact that we put the patients’ needs first and foremost in everything that we do. They ensure that every patient has a great experience by offering a consultation that is both free and honest, working with industry-leading technicians and surgeons who are among the best in the world, and maintaining facilities that are up to date. The natural life-changing outcomes aren’t the only thing that sets them different; what really sets them apart is their drive to offering the industry’s best aftercare service. Because of this, their clients give them an average rating of 5 stars and consider them to be the greatest hair transplant clinic available. Because of this, they have been named the Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year for two years in a row, in 2021 and 2022.

Wimpole Clinic Aftercare Services

Their dedication to their customers and care for their patients extends well beyond the date of their surgeries, ensuring that patients receive all of the information, care, and support they require in order to achieve the most successful hair transplant outcomes possible. Because of this, their aftercare and customer service has garnered an exceptionally high number of positive evaluations and comments.

Address: 2 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PA

Web: https://wimpoleclinic.com/

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