Vita Estetic

Vita Estetic

Vita Estetic is an established hair transplant clinic that was established in 2018. The clinic is known for specialising in the DHI method, which is a highly advanced technology that produces great hair density and outcomes that appear natural. Dr. Kinyas is a skilled hair transplant surgeon who is in charge of supervising all of the treatments performed at Vita Estetic. As a result of his intense focus on DHI, which has enabled him to become an authority on the method, Dr. Kinyas is now able to implant up to 5000 grafts in a single session.

Vita Estetic Practitioners

Vita Estetic Doctor

Vita Estetic collaborates with a number of trustworthy medical facilities and specialists who hold relevant accreditation and credentials. They adhere to the philosophy that treatment should be tailored to the individual needs of each patient. They primary goal is to provide patients with access to medical professionals who can carry out procedures that, in the long run, will enhance both their physical and mental health. They are able to provide recommendations for the best cosmetic surgeons in the area, whether you are interested in a hair transplant, rhinoplasty, breast implants, or a facelift, among other cosmetic procedures. During the initial phase of any procedure, they pay close attention to what each patient desires and work closely with them to recommend the most qualified surgeon who can devise a treatment strategy that takes into account the patient’s preferences, financial constraints, and previous medical conditions.

Why Vita Estetic

At Vita Estetic, the doctors that they propose to patients offer services of the highest possible quality, catering to the patients’ full range of medical requirements. They take a meticulously methodical and individualised approach in the hopes of gaining a knowledge of the underlying cause of each patient’s health difficulties. The purpose of providing information that is clear and concise on diagnosis and therapy is to reduce the amount of confusion that patients experience.

They are also aware that no two patients are identical in any way. The personnel at Vita Esteric has been provided with the information and competence necessary to deliver individualised services to patients and the relatives of those patients. Their group is dedicated to ensuring that each and every patient they treat is completely satisfied, and they will do whatever it takes to get the most favourable outcome possible.


Vita Estetic is a well-liked option among patients from all over the world, and it can be found on the Asian side of Istanbul. Istanbul is constantly serviced by flights departing from the UK at competitive prices. The Sabiha Gokcen and Istanbul Havaliman Airports are between a 45-minute and an hour’s drive away from the clinic, and Vita Estetic’s proximity to several public transportation options makes it simple to travel across the city. Due to the fact that Istanbul was constructed around the Bosporus Strait, the city not only has access to the shores of two different oceans, but it also spans both Europe and Asia. Its history, culture, and landmarks all exude a vibrancy that a tourist should try to imbibe in while they are there.


Address: Evliya Çelebi Mah. Sadi Konuralp Cad. Iksv Vakfi No:5 Iç Kapi No: 2 Beyoglu/ Istanbul

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