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Vinci Hair Clinic

With the great purpose of serving thousands of people suffering hair loss from all walks of life, Vinci has remained relentless since its establishment many years ago. This purposeful drive has helped us create a world-leading center for hair restoration. And it has, at the same time, given us many success stories along the way, and we are hoping to add yours to our collection soon.

Our clinic in London shares our goal, which is to offer effective surgical and non-surgical solutions for hair loss. We do this by leveraging the skills of our surgeons and the availability of advanced technological tools that helps us serve you better. With Vinci Hair Clinic, hair restoration isn’t just a treatment; we make it an enjoyable experience because we know how much getting your hair back means.

We’ve helped over 10,000 patients with no plans to stop because everyone deserves a full head of hair, and they should be able to get it as long as they want it. We combine youthfulness with experience amongst our 17 specialists; that’s why we can offer a wide range of services. These services include FUE hair transplant, body, eyebrows, and beard transplant, hair care product, and our novel Vinci scalp micropigmentation procedure. The success rate recorded with each of these procedures is impeccable, and you can check us out to confirm it all.

How Is Vinci Hair Clinic Different from Others?

Several factors set us apart from our competitors. Some of them include:


We understand that our procedures are only relevant if they are safe. So we go the extra mile to ensure we eliminate any possibility of risk exposure. However, we are not blinded by the urge to get the desired result while ignoring other possibilities. That’s why we check every detail while administering care to our patients, and we carefully handpick our surgeons to perform our procedures.


While this should be a norm for practitioners in our field, many clinics fail at it just because they want to win over a prospective patient. At Vinci Hair Clinic, this integrity is a big thing, and we hold it in high regard. Of course, we won’t recommend a treatment plan if it isn’t helpful. But, even if we don’t offer the most suitable services for your condition, we’ll let you know.

Proven Results

Given the years of immeasurable learning and trials we’ve always demonstrated in our operations, we only offer proven solutions. As a matter of fact, once you consult us, we can immediately take you through a treatment plan that’ll be most appropriate for your condition. We don’t alter our methods since it’s still giving us remarkable outcomes so that you can trust us with your hair treatment.

Short Recovery Period

There’s no denying that every cosmetic procedure requires a recovery phase before you begin to notice the changes. However, at Vinci Hair Clinic, we have mastered the nuances so that you don’t have to wait too long to recover and begin to see the results you paid for. Yes! We are that good.

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Phone: +442890992497

Address: 130 Harley St, London W1G 7JU, United Kingdom

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