UK Hair Transplant Clinics

UK Hair Transplant Clinics

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is without a doubt the UK’s leading specialist in hair restoration procedures, seeing over 4000 patients each year and being highlighted on the BBC. They are the only specialist provider of hair transplant surgeries and hair loss solutions with a 100 percent written guarantee in the UK market today. They are primarily concerned with hair loss and its correction; and that is practically all they do, and since they are so dedicated to achieving exceptional outcomes, they never stop striving to improve on their tried and true methods. For the past 8 years, UK Hair Transplant Clinics have delivered remarkable results. Their surgeons are all highly certified and have much experience in the field. Each of their clinics is registered and controlled by the government’s “Care Quality Commission” (CQC) to ensure that all of their treatments are carried out in a safe atmosphere. UK Hair Transplant Clinics not only maintain high standards, but they also care about each and every patient they meet. They provide consultations around the United Kingdom, and their operation centres in Manchester, Nottingham, and London also provide hotel accommodations for patients who must travel.

They have a trained and dedicated team of hair transplant physicians that provide honest advice and round-the-clock treatment close to home so that the patients can feel comfortable and supported at all times. The clinic takes pride in their specialised aftercare service, which assigns each patient a personal coordinator to assist them before and after surgery. To ensure that every patient feels safe, they give a guarantee on all surgical treatments; in the unlikely event that the procedure does not produce the intended outcome the first time, they will bring the patient back for another surgery free of charge. This will be after they have given the transplant the 18 months it may take to achieve the full outcome; throughout this time, the hair transplant clinic will ask you to regular check-ups so that they can track your development.

The facility also employs surgeons with advanced training in hair restoration. All of their surgeons are members of the Hair Restoration Professional Body, and they’ve been recognised as some of the best hair transplant doctors in the UK by a number of consumer advocacy organisations. Every day, the doctors at UK Hair do only one procedure. In order to ensure that each patient receives the time and attention they need, they schedule only one procedure per day and work with patients one-on-one. All members of the UK Hair team work together to ensure that patients have the best possible experience at the clinic. Many of the hair transplant doctors have been with the UK Hair Transplant Clinic for over five years, making them some of the best in the country. At various hair loss conferences, the UK Hair team has demonstrated cutting-edge surgical treatments like the Maxi Hair Transplant for patients with more severe hair loss.

It is not uncommon for doctors from across the world to connect with the UK Hair team to witness and learn about the finer points of more modern treatments, which gives them great pride in the trust and respect they have acquired in the hair loss evaluation field. In the UK Hair Transplant Clinics, art and cutting-edge technology are used in a unique way. Aesthetics and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand in the design of their treatment and surgical rooms. Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation or Follicular Unit Extraction operation can be performed in one of their operating rooms for a whole day. In each operating room, there are five to six high-definition, optimum resolution microscope stations where technicians cut and sliver the patient’s donor strip. After a thorough hair loss exam and operation, their attentive staff and modern, comfortable environment assist put patients at ease. You can visit the UK Hair Transplant Clinic at for more information.

Address: 5 St Paul’s Square, Pall Mall, Liverpool L3 9SJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +441514591100

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