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There are two recognized surgeons in the FUE hair transplant industry: Dr. Dilan Fernando and Dr. Roshan Vara. The Treatment Rooms London, a boutique hair transplant clinic headquartered in Harley Street and Putney, has received exclusively 5-star reviews for the past years. It has a well-deserved reputation as London’s leading FUE hair transplant facility. Hair transplant surgery is becoming increasingly complicated for patients, but the surgeons at the Treatment Rooms London are proud to provide the most attentive and transparent treatment plan available today. Patients can expect a bespoke hair transplant journey suited to their individual needs at their facility. Every patient has direct access to the surgeons, Dr Fernando and Dr Vara, who will guide them through the entire hair transplant process from the initial consultation to the post-op care. In order to ensure that each patient has the best possible opportunity of growing a full head of natural hair, both surgeons commit their time to operating on them.

Patients who visit The Treatment Rooms London are generally concerned about a receding hairline and are looking for a high degree of care. This hair transplant clinic was regarded as “professional, competent, and an all-around outstanding clinic for a hair transplant,” making the patient feel “welcome [and] at ease” throughout the procedure.

When it comes to performing hair transplant surgery, Dr. Fernando is committed to respecting and enforcing the strict professional code of conduct established by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, who’s Executive Committee he serves on. Neurosurgery is Dr. Fernando’s field of expertise. He used to be a fellow in the department of neurosurgery at King’s College Hospital in London, England. From his days as an undergrad, his focus has always been on hair thinning. After witnessing a close friend’s hair transplant fail, he decided to commit his life to the art, science, and surgery of hair replacement. Though he receives many compliments on his thick hair, he is not immune to the effects of hair loss. Fear of losing everything is his continuous dread and nightmare. This first-hand experience of hair loss helps him ensure that every patient receives the safest and most effective treatment possible. In his role as chief hair transplant surgeon at The Treatment Rooms London, he has witnessed first-hand the life-altering effects surgery may have on patients. As a result, Dr. Fernando goes the extra mile to guarantee that the outcomes are of a high quality and take into account future hair development. Fernando is a sought-after expert on hair loss and transplantation because of his young age and impressive resume. Speaking about hair loss and hair transplantation surgery, he was recently featured on BBC News. He frequently writes articles and blogs to Consulting Room, the UK’s leading patient information website on cosmetic surgery. To ensure the safety of patients who undergo hair transplant surgery, Dr. Fernando is also an advocate for patient education. Dr Roshan Vara, a Full Medical Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, is one of Dr Fernando’s associates. To learn more about the Treatment Room London visit (

Address: 114A Balham High Rd, London SW12 9AA, United Kingdom

Phone: +442087729516

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