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The Hair Clinic-John Bell & Croyden

The Hair Clinic, located near Harley Street in London’s West End, was established over 27 years ago as a center for Hair Loss treatments within the renowned Royal Warrantied John Bell & Croyden medical store and pharmacy. John Bell & Croyden is a well-known London health-care clinic known for its experience, innovation, excellent customer service, and high-quality services. A 45-minute no-obligation session is available for all its visitor and patients. The Hair Clinic takes pleasure in providing the best and most comprehensive advice available. As a result, clinic consultations are in-depth, ensuring that patients have the correct treatment plan and a thorough understanding of what it entails, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether a hair transplant or other treatment options (such as prescribed drugs) are appropriate for them.

A medical history is compiled during the appointment, the patient’s hair and scalp are checked, and different therapies, including hair transplants, are described. A full description of how a hair transplant is performed is provided, including an explanation of how the patient will seem immediately following the procedure and how long the hair will take to grow. Before and after images of previous patients will be presented to the patient, and charges will be discussed. The patient will also be able to ask the clinic any questions, which will be answered.

Furthermore, if a patient is considering a hair transplant, the clinic will arrange for the patient to meet with the Hair Transplant Surgeon in person, preferably on the same day. The patient will have the opportunity to ask the Hair Transplant Surgeon any further questions they may have during this visit. The patient should expect a warm greeting, an understanding and honest assessment, and a complete commitment to helping them find a solution to their problem at the hair clinic. They are also professionals in all disciplines of hair loss therapy at the Hair Clinic, allowing them to provide patients with the most up-to-date information on the therapies available. To ensure that patients receive the best possible care, all consultations are given enough time to diagnose the problem and discuss the options. As a result, a trichological appointment will last around half an hour. At the clinic, the Trichologist will inquire about the patient’s health history, medication intake, stress levels, diet habits, hair care routine, and family hair history, among other things.

Following that, a thorough inspection of the patient’s hair and scalp will be performed. Hair follicles are examined at high magnification to see whether they are alive and active or have been damaged. In addition, the diameter of your hair shafts will be measured under high magnification, and your scalp will be lit to help diagnose any scalp issues. As previously noted, the Hair Clinic concentrated in hair transplants at first, but has now expanded its expertise to encompass Trichology (the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and scalp problems; such as female pattern baldness, folliculitis, alopecia areata, hair thinning, and psoriasis). The Hair Clinic is a well-respected team of committed professionals that offer the best advice and treatment to both men and women suffering from hair loss (such as male pattern baldness), poor hair development, and scalp issues (such as alopecia and psoriasis). Finally, as hundreds of pleased male and female clients can attest, the Hair Clinic has the expertise, experience, and qualified personnel to assist you. To learn more about the Hair Clinic-John Bell & Croyden visit

Address: 50-54 Wigmore St, London W1U 2AU, United Kingdom

Phone: +442072244640

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