The Glasgow Clinic

The Glasgow Clinic

As hair loss continues to be a tough condition affecting thousands of people, The Glasgow Clinic is a frontrunner amongst the many hair restoration clinics offering viable solutions. With our specialists’ unparalleled commitment and expertise, we are confident we can put an end to your hair loss problems. We believe you deserve a delectable appearance with a full head of hair, that’s why we offer our helpful services.

As much as varieties of hair transplant procedures, we specialize in the modern and minimally invasive follicular unit extraction technique. We’ve mastered the intricacies and nuances involved in the technique, and we’ve put our knowledge to practice. With this, we’ve recorded a high success rate that’s given us a competitive edge over our competitors.

Another thing that distinguishes The Glasgow Clinic from other hair restoration centers is the constant education we give our patients even before their treatment commences. We know you have the right to be informed about the processes involved, so we don’t hesitate to keep you abreast. In addition, this information allows you to describe your expectations which we model to give the best possible outcome.

What are the Perks of Choosing the Glasgow Clinic?

Choosing The Glasgow Clinic for your hair transplant treatment means you’re qualified to receive:

Immediate Response

As much as we can’t deny we have a waiting list of patients to attend to, our responses are immediate. We’ve efficiently managed our waiting list with proper scheduling that allocates days to patients. With this, we can carry out a perfect and wholesome treatment on the patient without the thought of taking up another on the same day. We are focused on quality, and we have great testimonials that confirm it.

Unique Care Delivery

We offer the follicular unit extraction transplant technique because it has proven to be viable for almost all hair loss conditions. We evaluate your condition to map out a unique way to administer this technique to solve it. This has been the pattern that has brought us so much success for over twelve years.

Passionate Medical and Non-medical Staff

It’ll be difficult, impossible even, to be where we are today without our passionate team of medical and non-medical staff. The medical and non-medical staff take these jobs as an opportunity to make a positive difference for as many people as possible. You’re sure to receive the best possible hair transplant care with us.

Free Consultation

Our consultation is designed to present every patient with a sketch of their journey to full hair restoration. It involves a dialogue that gives every patient the necessary details about our Follicular Unit Extraction technique and debunks the procedures’ myths. Here, you’ll also create realistic expectations for your hair restoration.

Comfortable Treatment

While a hair transplant is supposed to be painful, we offer a minimally invasive procedure whose pain is almost non-existent. The administration of local anesthesia also helps us keep you as comfortable for the procedure as possible.

The Glasgow Clinic is a hair transplant clinic on a mission to render hair loss powerless, and we’ll stop at nothing until we achieve that mission. Choose us!


Phone: +441412484424

Address: 234 W George St, Glasgow G2 4QY, United Kingdom

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