Tajmeel Clinic

Tajmeel clinic

Tajmeel Clinic offers hair transplant, scalpmicriopigmentation and aesthetic treatments, it is located in the south west of England, lead by Dr Khalili who is a hair transplant surgeon (AMBAHRS).

Dr Mohamad Khalil

Why choose Tajmeel Clinic?

  • Is registered and regulated  by care quality commission of Engalnd.
  • Offers scalp , Beard transplant and eyebrows hair hair transp[lant.
  • All the surgeries and performed in the clinic in Bournemouth, the entire surgery, start from the consultation, anaesthesia, harvesting ,implantation and follow ups, are performed only by Dr M khalil.
  • Employ technicians for sorting out the grafts and loading the multi-implanters , Dr Khalil uses only multi-implanters Brand INRUT.
  • Offers  hair lose treatments like platelet rich plasma injections micro needling and medication.
  • Offers as well scalp micropigmentation.
  • Welcomes patients from uk and overseas.

We invite patients for a face to face consultation to assess the sutibality, donor area, recipient area , provide with the amount of the grafts required for hair transplant  and the cost.

Address: 6 Kingswell Rd, Bournemouth BH10 5DH, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.tajmeelclinic.co.uk/

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