System Hospital

System Hospital

System Hospital’s efficient operations come from the combination of cutting-edge medical technology and highly trained, professional personnel. Consequently, the hospital can provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, with a key focus on the satisfaction of its patients.

The hospital, noted for its innovative architecture and cutting-edge technology, was founded in 2019 by veteran physician Erol Bedir. System Hospital has twenty-four medical departments, four observation beds, convenient intensive care with a maximum of ninety-two beds, thirty-four polyclinics, an imaging facility, laboratories, operating theaters equipped with cutting-edge medical technology, and one intervention area in the emergency section.

Systme Hospital Building


For the sake of the patients and their loved ones, they feel it is important to share information on the “Personal Data Protection Law,” which was enacted to shield private information and safeguard individuals’ freedoms and rights.

They intend to provide you with as much detail as possible on the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of your personal information to ensure your complete satisfaction as a patient or family member.

They take all types of administrative and technical procedures to ensure the essential security measures to safeguard all forms of personal details they receive from their patients.

The objective of this document is to provide their patients with information on how KVKK handles the collection, processing, storage, and sharing of all types of personal information with third parties.

Your personal information will be handled by the clinic as the information controller following the requirements of Law No. 6698 (KVKK), which protects personal information.



They invest in the future by adopting new ideas into their faultless system and allocating resources accordingly.


They are dedicated to enhancing the quality of multidisciplinary assessment, treatment, and care based on the best available scientific evidence.


They remain unwavering in their commitment to providing a medical facility worthy of the confidence and commitment of their patients, their families, their employees, and all parties with whom they interact.

Benefit to Society

Their mission includes fostering the personal and societal development of their employees. One of their ideas is to create resources as a result of their activities and to avoid making compromises by ensuring the efficient use of all available assets.

Value For the Society

All patients will be treated with respect and care, and they will not compromise their ethics or the law.


One of their driving ideas is to do what’s right by the people right now, as well as the ones who will come after them, by acting in the knowledge that they’re helping Turkey and the rest of the globe prevent illness and treat those who have it.

Friendly Approach

They practice “responsible citizenship” by offering care to people in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or the people who use it, and by designing their facilities in ways that minimize adverse effects on either.

Quality Assurance Measures

Since the hospital’s construction marked the beginning of its pursuit of quality, the hospital’s infrastructure, medical equipment, and procedures have all been developed following the customer quality criteria stipulated by the Ministry of Health and JCI quality requirements.


Address: Gevher Nesibe Mahallesi Gök Geçidi No: 15 Kocasinan, 38070 Melikgazi, Turkey

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