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The Suzermed Clinic is a place of medical care that focuses on providing services in the field of aesthetic medicine and hair transplantation. Plastic surgeons, registered nurses who supervise other nurses, specialists in hair transplants, technologists, interpreters, and other support service officers are all members of the expert team that this sector employs. In order to conduct hair transplantation surgery, the Suzermed Clinic works in conjunction with the Acbadem Altunizde Hospital, which is widely regarded as one of the finest hospitals in all of Turkey.

They hold JCI and ISO accreditations across the board for each and every one of its health centers, units, and divisions. The Suzermed clinic prides itself on offering great service to each of its patients, and as such, it is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical technology and staffed by compassionate medical professionals. Patients all around the world recognize the Suzermed Clinic as having an outstanding reputation thanks to its position as a market leader in the hair transplantation industry in Turkey.

Because it is constructed entirely of natural materials and uses only natural tones, the building is uncomplicated and calm. The ease of access for the patient’s relative was taken into consideration throughout the construction of the foyer, dayrooms, and cafeteria. The broad and spacious facilities, contemporary architectural style, and infrastructure supplied with cutting-edge technical equipment at Acibadem Altunizade Hospital were all constructed with the patient’s safety and comfort in mind.

It is possible to reach Acbadem Altunizde Hospital, where the Suzermed Clinic is located, in a little over an hour while traveling by car from Istanbul Airport. It has a very handy location close to the southern coast of Istanbul, and it is surrounded by historic neighborhoods that are only a short distance away from a number of parks. You can reach the clinic without much difficulty by utilizing the city’s substantial public transit system.

PRP therapy, which is used to encourage hair growth, is an area of expertise for the clinic’s specialists, who also specialize in doing DHI and FUE hair transplants. The maximum number of days that a patient is required to remain in the hospital in order to have surgery is capped at four. Not only does the hair transplant process itself come included in the price, but also transportation, housing, and other other luxuries.

Suzermed Team


Fatih Ozturk 

Dr. Fatih Ozturk, a specialist in the treatment of hair loss, has been doing hair transplant surgery ever since he received his medical degree from Marmara University in 2006. Before he started working for Suzermed, he gained experience in the field by working for a number of different hair transplant institutions in Turkey and by participating in a number of international workshops devoted to the topic.

Sari, Cigdem Karadag

Dr. Cigdem is a well-educated professional who is considered an authority in her field. She received her education at Selcuk University in Turkey as well as Ghent University in Belgium. As a result of her years spent studying medicine at Necmettin Erbakan University’s Meram Faculty of Medicine, she not only has comprehensive training but also vast expertise in reconstructive, plastic, and aesthetic surgery.


Address: Altunizade, Yurtcan Sokağı No:1, 34662 Üsküdar/Istanbul, Turkey

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