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If you’re suffering hair loss, you don’t need to wait for a mild condition to become severe or wait for a severe condition to become irredentism. Hair loss requires urgent attention with holistic care by clinics and surgeons whose services are built around this purpose. Seneca Medical Group and its specialists are ideal for all hair loss treatments.

We aim to break away from the norm by offering affordable, innovative, medically advanced hair loss solutions at an affordable rate. Our novel total care is designed to address each patient’s problems with accuracy and effectiveness. We first run a diagnosis that allows us into the unique problems, and then we carve out an appropriate solution that’ll solve it from the root.

We are a renowned hair restoration clinic with so much pride in the success and reputation we’ve built through genuine and excellent services. Our commitment remains strong to offer every patient the perfect solution to their hair problems. With our 35 years of experience in hair restoration treatment, we’re confident we have the right solution for you; you only need to choose us.

Our Treatments

No matter your hair loss condition, we have effective treatments for it. Some of these treatments include:

  • Hair Transplant using the direct FUE procedure
  • Eyebrows Restoration
  • Beards Transplant
  • Hair Mesotherapy
  • Medical Prescriptions

We have helped thousands of individuals with these treatments, and we’re confident it’ll be sufficient for your hair loss condition. You only have to trust us. Apart from these treatments, there are other things you stand to enjoy.

Perks of Choosing Seneca Medical Group

When you choose us, you’re sure to get the following:

Word-Class Care Delivery

Having hair restoration clinics worldwide is evidence we understand the demands that transcend borders, and we work to meet these demands consistently. The best way we’ve done this is through the level of our care delivery. You’ll realize the standard we meet to give our clients the best hair restoration experience if you go through our reviews.

Personalized Treatment

This is an area we set the pace that our competitors follow. We offer each patient a personalized diagnosis with Seneca total care to create a personalized treatment plan. This is unique to them and is specially made for them. As much as it distinguishes us from others, it’s our “VIP” treatment for all our patients.

Quality Surgeons

While other clinics go as far as outsourcing the services of other surgeons, we have permanent surgeons that are recognized through their skills and experience. The level of their services is unparalleled, and they put this through practice regardless of your hair loss condition.

Industry Approved Instruments

It’s undeniable the level of sophistication we add to our services. It’s not to show off or bully our competitors; it’s just a reminder that every patient deserves cutting-edge treatment with cutting-edge technologies. And with us, you’ll get it immediately you request it. In addition, our facilities are furnished with these instruments to improve our overall output and expectations.

Seneca Medical Group is a model hair restoration center that should handle your hair restoration treatments. Trust Us!


Phone: +441413321745

Address: 15 Royal Cres, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 7SL, United Kingdom

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    • 2 years ago

    Ticked all the boxes.

    I went to Seneca in Glasgow on the 2nd of July 2022 for a hair transplant. not knowing what to expect. hoping for the best and fearing the worst.but like anyone deciding to go through with this. l spent along time on the net looking at all the clinics and decided on Seneca. the moment l set foot through the doors on that day l was met with a friendly smile. everyone of the staff was brilliant. from explaining to me what will happen stage by stage. l then felt totally relaxed. the doctor was great as she talked me through everything that was happening minute by minute. from her taking hair from the donor area to her replanting them later in the recipient area. l fell asleep a few times during the session.everything went like clockwork. l felt no pain at all during the session after the doctor numbed the area with a few small injections. everyone was so nice and polite but yet still very professional in there job putting me at ease the hole day. l went in at 9am in the morning and a taxi booked for me at 4pm and that was my day done. they explained to me after the session about aftercare and how to manage everything when l got home. they ticked all the boxes. l am so glad l went to Seneca.

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