SALUSS Medical Group

Saluss Medical Group

SALUSS Medical Group welcomes its clients to Turkey, where they can get affordable, and high-quality medical care. People from all over the world come to the clinic to get medical care. They are proud of their highly experienced staff, treatments that are followed up on for life, all-inclusive packages, and care for patients while they are at home.

What stands them out?

SALUSS Medical Group offers its patients the greatest possibilities for enhancing their lives, their appearances, and their levels of contentment. In accordance with its stated mission, SALUSS was established in order to facilitate the recovery process of patients by delivering high-caliber medical care and outstanding hospitality. They hope that all of their guests will have a safer atmosphere, be able to make educated decisions, and have greatly reduced costs associated with medical travel. They have more than ten years of expertise in the health and tourism fields together. Honesty, openness, and respect for one’s privacy are their guiding ideals. They had more than 5000 patients coming from over 40 different nations across five different continents. SALUSS is the industry’s preeminent medical tourism agency, delivering both inbound and outbound medical and tourism services of the highest possible calibre.

World Class Surgeons and Facilities

Saluss Medical Group

SALUSS Medical Group provides patients with a high standard of patient care that may be superior to the treatment they receive at their home. This high standard includes connecting patients with board-certified surgeons as well as internationally renowned and award-winning clinics and hospitals. Having access to a surgeon of international renowned and medical facilities that have received international accreditation enables you to make an assured and well-informed decision on your treatment overseas. They provide a selection of opulent accommodations that are priced to accommodate your needs. During your stay, their own concierge will act as your tour guide and take you shopping, sightseeing, and on city excursions. We offer support that is comprehensive in nature.

Modern Technology

The hospital and clinic that the clinic partners with both make use of the most cutting-edge technology and methods available. They have received accreditation and certification from the relevant authorities on both the national and international levels. SALUSS Medical Group is a highly competent organisation that provides a comprehensive range of services and provides solutions that are both creative and inventive. Their portfolio includes globally approved facilities that are up to date with technological advancements. You can have complete faith that the roster of internationally renowned surgeons that they have in their portfolio will come up with a solution for you.

Other Services

Comfortable Care

The facility offers 5 star hotel accommodations on the beach to its patients and loved ones. Airport shuttles for VIPs are also included.

Affordable Prices

You are likely to save up to 70% on your treatment at the facility. Additionally, you will have a wonderful trip. No hidden fees are associated with your treatment programmes.

Privacy & Transparency

The clinic places a high priority on protecting the confidentiality of its patients. All patients are provided with accurate and trustworthy medical information.


SALUSS primarily coordinates medical care at the clinics of Antalya, Turkey, where the healing properties of the sea, sun, and sand are readily available. More than 15 million international visitors come to Antalya every year. Recently, Antalya has emerged as a major hub for patients seeking medical care overseas. Recent decades have seen a rise in the prevalence of procedures like dental work, hair transplants, obesity operations, aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, oncology care, and organ transplants. Patients travel from all over the world to Antalya for treatment, and the city welcomes visitors from all over the world. Turkey is the premier destination for medical tourists in the Middle East because of its strategic location at the crossroads of East and West.

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