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In order to obtain the best results, hair transplant surgery is a sophisticated treatment that calls for a qualified and experienced surgeon. To produce a hairline and density that looks natural, the surgeon needs to take into account the particularities of the scalp of the individual and scalp.

Being a medical student who struggled with significant hair loss himself, Dr. Raghu Reddy possesses an intimate connection to hair restoration. Following the completion of his surgical training in the West of Scotland Deanery, this prompted him to pursue further study in hair restoration surgery.

He has a profound awareness of the difficulties and emotional effects that hair loss may have on a person according to his intimate knowledge with the condition. He is dedicated to giving his patients the best results possible and is enthusiastic about his work.

Dr. Reddy is acknowledged for his skill in hair restoration surgery and is an active member of the ISHRS. Leading patient advocacy organizations including The HRN (Hair Restoration Network), Hairsite, and AHLA (American Hair Loss Association) have also praised him highly.

Dr. Reddy has gained a distinctive awareness of the limitations of conventional hair restoration methods like strip surgery (FUT) and FUE through his experience as a surgeon and a patient. Due to this, he invented third-generation FUE, a modern and innovative less-invasive surgical technique that produces results that look natural.

Dr. Raghu Reddy

Using Third Generation FUE, Dr. Reddy has successfully completed close to 6,000 hair restoration procedures in the UK and abroad. With the use of this ground-breaking procedure, he may provide undetectable results with immaculate hairlines, almost natural-looking density, precise angles, and closure of the temple angles.

In addition to the physical parts of the treatment, Dr. Reddy’s holistic method of handling hair restoration surgery also considers the psychological and emotional effects of hair loss. He ensures that each of his patients receives individualized attention and support, keeping them informed and at ease during the entire procedure.

About The Team

The team has realized over the course of the last 14 years that FUE reconstructive hair loss surgery employs more of an artistic than a scientific approach. Prior until now, the emphasis has shifted from speed and efficiency to attention to detail and, whenever possible, near-perfect results. The group takes pride in generating one of the best yield rates in the sector—better than 85%. Additionally, they have one of the poorest transaction rates, giving customers excellent value.

The team has seen that customer satisfaction has greatly increased as a result of concentrating on developing age- and head-specific hairlines and densities. The team often outperforms the client’s high expectations. Repair and corrective work makes up over 40 percent of the team’s workload.

They understand that customers want hair that looks and feels natural, has natural angles, and doesn’t show signs of having work done on it in addition to having a good head of hair.

The group thinks that high-end watches and hair restoration surgery are both art forms. A masterpiece that customers can appreciate for a long time requires patience, skill, and attention to detail.

Website: https://www.drraghureddy.com/

Address: 107 Harley Street, W1G 6AL, London 

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