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At Proesthe, hair transplants are performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons working together to ensure optimal results. You can find it within the grounds of the renowned Liv Hospital in Turkey, which serves as its host institution.

The Proesthe Hair Transplant Centre in Istanbul is a highly specialized medical facility that does hair transplants. It has risen to the top of its field of expertise not only in Turkey but also in the medical arenas of other countries across the world.

The center hires only the most elite and highly skilled specialists worldwide who comprehensively understand the most cutting-edge methods for performing hair transplants on the head and the beard. The FUE and DHI methods produce outstanding and long-lasting results and are the foundation of clinical practice. The hair that was transplanted appears completely natural, and there are very few scars visible.

Proesthe Health Center

An individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient, which ensures that the patient’s preferences and requirements are met to the greatest possible extent. The medical center features treatment rooms that are expertly stocked with professional-grade equipment for hair transplants. Furthermore, the patient will receive a hair transplant guaranteed to last a lifetime, proving that the procedure is of an exceptionally high standard.

Patients traveling from other countries to receive treatment can take advantage of the most comprehensive and high-quality treatment options we offer when they book with us. The package includes well-equipped operating rooms as well as the qualified medical staff. Proesthe developed additional VIP services like transportation and accommodations in response to increased patient demand. These services are intended to make patients feel more at ease while undergoing treatment.

Your doctor can diagnose your hair loss through consultation and, sometimes, laboratory testing. Blood tests are necessary to evaluate the levels of male and female hormones and any potential iron deficiency and other imbalances.

Why You Should Choose Proesthe Health Group

When it comes to any medical service, the professional physicians and healthcare team here at Proesthe Health Group must find the optimal answer for each patient individually.

After treatment, they give the patients the finest possible post-operative follow-up care, depending on the specific procedures or medical services that have been performed.

To make their patients feel more at ease, regardless of where they are from or what language they speak, Proesthe offers interpreters who are fluent in all languages to communicate with them.

Before arriving at the facility, the patients are given detailed information regarding what they need to do in the days leading up to and following their surgeries. They also receive the most efficient treatment plan possible before arriving at the hospital.

They provide customers with premium health tourism services, including an A+ hospital, lodging (in a 5-star hotel), and transfer services (VIP services) so they can feel more at ease while undergoing treatment.

The Doctor

Dr. Hamid Aydin has been working in the field of hair transplant for almost 30 years and has performed more than 10,000 procedures. In addition to making several appearances in the media, he is a lecturer at Yeditepe University, an ISHRS member, and a hair restoration surgeon.


Address: Goztepe Mah.Batisehir Cad.No:2, D:131, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Türkiye

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