Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Meet Dr. Mwamba, a prominent hair transplant specialist renowned in the hair transplantation field for his remarkable, authentic outcomes, benevolence, composure, and meticulousness. He stands out among the limited hair transplant surgeons worldwide who single-handedly undertakes all FUE extractions using manual techniques without relying on technicians or motorized tools.

Training and Career Development

Back in 2000, Dr. Mwamba’s fascination with hair transplant surgery sparked after crossing paths with Dr. John P. Cole, a distinguished expert from the NHI (New Hair Institute) in Atlanta, USA. Dr. Mwamba’s eagerness to learn led him to participate in a comprehensive training program that lasted five years. During this period, he sharpened his skills and trained under the guidance of world-renowned surgeons, making him an expert in his field.

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The profession of hair transplant surgeon played a pivotal role in shaping Dr. Mwamba’s career path. Through this work, he gained a deep understanding of his patients’ anxieties and made it his mission to acquire and hone modern hair transplantation techniques, dedicating almost all his time to the pursuit. Dr. Mwamba’s collaboration with the IHTI and Dr. Cole proved fruitful, opening up more opportunities for him to partner with other renowned hair surgeons, including Dr. Jean Devroye and Dr. Paul Rose.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Dr. Mwamba has become knowledgeable about the artistic aspects involved in hair restoration procedures, including the most up-to-date state-of-the-art techniques such as FUT and FUE, which he has further developed in his clinic. Dr. Mwamba is a pioneer in the development of the minimally invasive FIT, which is more commonly referred to as FUE. Given its exceptional advantages for patients, Dr. Mwamba has made the refinement of this technique the centerpiece of his artistic endeavors in the clinic.

Services Offered

Dr. Mwamba inaugurated the WHTC in Brussels, Belgium in 2006, which boasts of innovative and advanced techniques for hair restoration such as FUT, FUE, “donor restocking,” BHT, and procedures for correcting botched hair transplants. The WHTC has been a success, and in response to escalating demand, Dr. Mwamba opened a second facility in Atlanta, USA in 2020.

Research and Presentations

Dr. Mwamba has a wealth of experience in the field of hair transplants, having conducted numerous studies and presentations on various topics in international scientific meetings. He has covered topics such as transection rates with different harvesting techniques, hair angulations in different areas of the scalp, the use of a stereoscopic microscope in hair transplant marketing, and assisting surgeons during hair transplantation procedures. Dr. Mwamba has been a regular speaker at the Annual Scientific Meeting of ISHRS since 2006, where he has delivered lectures on a range of hair transplant topics.

In 2010, to meet patient demand for faster recovery times, he developed the “My U-FUE” classic and hair transplant techniques.

Personal Life

With a strong devotion to his family in the United States, Dr. Mwamba prioritizes spending ample time with them. Additionally, he is a passionate follower of sports and manages to strike a balance between his personal hobbies and his professional pursuits.

Website: http://www.mywhtc.net/

Address: Rue Defacqz 73, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

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