Okan University Hospital

Okan University Hospital

Diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic services supplied by skilled physician professionals in all medical areas, are provided by Okan University Hospital, which draws its strength from academic experience and knowledge. This general hospital has an indoor space of 50,000 square meters, over 500 academicians, physicians, and allied health professionals, 250 beds, 10 operating rooms, and 47 beds devoted to neonatal, pediatric, and adult intensive treatment units, respectively.

Okan University Hospital is a convenient healthcare institution that adheres strictly to corporate culture by using cutting-edge technology and providing care that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of its patients. Both the Tuzla and Mecidiyeköy Dental Hospitals of Okan University are staffed by highly qualified academic faculty who provide comprehensive treatment solutions in all areas of dentistry. The academician staff educates patients on dental and oral health and care and provides individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s specific needs and goals.

Okan University Hospital

Okan University’s dental hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a dental computed tomography (CBCT) device, intra- and extra-oral imaging studies, a dental microscopy unit, a dental computed tomography (PRF) device, a dental laser device, and dental tools and devices unique to each department. Okan University’s Dentistry Faculty Training and Practice Hospital in Turkey is the first to implement a “Technological Water Disinfection System” to combat the spread of disease.

Tuzla and Mecidiyeköy Dental Hospitals of Okan University provide comprehensive dental care from highly trained faculty and staff. The staff of academicians, who are all highly respected in their fields both locally and internationally, and who have extensive experience with cutting-edge technological treatments, not only educates patients on the importance of oral and dental hygiene but also creates individualized plans of care for each individual.

Okan University’s dental hospital features state-of-the-art equipment such as a dental computed tomography (CBCT) device, a dental microscope unit, intra- and extra-oral imaging research, a dental PRF device, a dental laser device, and dental tools and gadgets unique to each department.

The Vision

The goal is to establish itself as a preeminent “World University,” one that is at the cutting edge of educational practice while also catering to the needs of modern business and society.

The Mission 

  • Its goal is to establish a global university that educates the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Adopt and live by the Republic’s core principles; be attuned to both domestic and international concerns; take into account the needs of students around the world; make use of and enhance cutting-edge teaching strategies.
  • Educates students to be inquisitive, fluent in several languages, able to locate, evaluate, and apply relevant information, respectful of and accept diverse perspectives and ways of life, self-aware, analytical, creative, and entrepreneurial.
  • Making legitimate contributions to academic study, cultural production, and artistic endeavors.
  • Possible application of cutting-edge pedagogical practices, emphasis on problem-solving instruction, globalization of perspectives, etc.
  • Focuses its research and programs in this area on issues related to the elevation of humanity, social responsibility, human dignity,  social gender equality, and environmental consciousness.
  • Develop into a school that cares about its staff and students, is inventive and open to new ideas, emphasizes personal growth, and is responsive to and concerned about societal issues.

Web: https://www.okanhealthcare.com/

Address: İçmeler mah, Aydınlı Yolu Cd. No:2, 34947 Tuzla/Istanbul, Turkey

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