Metropolmed Clinic

Metropolmed Clinic

The goal of the Metropolmed company in the sphere of health tourism in the nation and throughout the world is to provide trustworthy service. With approval from both the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Metropolmed is a legitimate medical tourism agency that showcases activities focused on patient satisfaction in Turkey’s finest hospitals.

Metropolmed provides services of world-class standard in the sphere of international medical tourism. With the help of other healthcare companies who share their commitment to excellence in both quality and technology, the Metropolmed brand hopes to maintain its position as the gold standard in patient satisfaction. Metropolmed is working diligently in this area, advancing with the help of its top colleagues. The contracted hospitals offer first-rate medical care, and they are home to brilliant academics. Following these guiding principles, Metropolmed will carry on with its work and achieve its goals.

Metropolmed clinic


Hair Transplant

Turkey attracts tens of thousands of hair transplant patients every year. The qualified medical staff and cutting-edge equipment guarantee optimal results for your hair transplant, and they will be there for you from the moment you book your appointment until the moment you say your final goodbyes.

Beard Transplant

Several factors can cause facial hair to develop unevenly. Beard transplantation is a viable option for dealing with the resulting facial hair thinning that occurs as a result of this. To execute a beard transplant, hair roots from another area of the body are used. The final effect is an improvement in regions where the person’s beard is thin. The method is also useful for starting a beard from scratch. Comparisons of pre- and post-transplant beard growth reveal a clear trend favoring the latter.

Eyebrow Transplant 

Facial expressions are crucial in social interactions. It inspires us to convey the intended treatment with greater specificity. The eyebrows are crucial at this point. This is why many find the loss of eyebrow hair distressing. Thankfully, eyebrow transplant surgery can fix this issue permanently. This professional service promotes rapid and natural hair growth in the brow area.

Hair Transplant for Women

Women are also good candidates for hair transplants. Women’s hair loss is caused by different mechanisms than men’s, yet both sexes can benefit from hair transplantation.

Unshaved Hair Transplant

Hair lengths longer than 15 centimeters (or 6 inches) have been successfully transplanted with this technology, being one of the newest approaches to hair restoration. Because of the positive outcomes of this treatment, a growing number of women are opting for hair transplantation without shaving.

Painless Hair Transplant

The goal of painless hair transplantation is to eliminate all sensations during the procedures that require local anesthetic, including those that involve the use of needles.

ICE FUE Hair Transplant

The goal of the widely used Ice FUE hair transplant technique is to provide longer-lasting outcomes by preserving the donor hair follicles for future transplants. To preserve the hair follicles harvested from the donor site using the FUE method, they are stored at a very low temperature in a specialized solution, as the name of the procedure suggests. This treatment keeps the follicles alive by freezing them. With this method, root productivity loss due to root removal and subsequent transfer is avoided.


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