Memorial Sisli Hospital

Memorial Sisli Hospital

Compared with hospitals in the United States, Memorial Sisli Hospital is ranked in the top ten for the number of IVF procedures it performs and is ranked 27th for the number of liver transplants it performs. The facility features the following:

  • The centralized automation control system
  • System for maintaining pressure used to regulate temperature and humidity.
  • System for the transmission of pneumatic tubes

With assistance from ECRI, the most well-known consulting organization in the healthcare industry in the United States, Memorial Sisli Hospital was able to get its footing on the European side of Istanbul and begin expanding. This rise was, in reality, more than just a hospital; it was also Turkey’s hope for the future in terms of the medical industry.

Memorial Hospital

It took around three years to build Memorial Sisli Hospital, whose name will be associated with reliability and authority. In February of 2000, Memorial Sisli Hospital treated its first patient, even though it was outfitted with the most cutting-edge equipment available at the time and ought to have been found in a prestigious healthcare facility elsewhere in the world.

After only two years of operation, Memorial işli Hospital became the first hospital in Turkey and the twenty-first in the world to be awarded the JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation Certificate, widely recognized as a hallmark of excellence in healthcare.

The Memorial Isli Hospital has a total capacity of 252 beds and works within a confined area that is 53 000 square meters.

In addition to providing services with its 13 operating rooms, four intensive care units (KVC, general, coronary, and neonatal), and three laboratories, Memorial Sisli Hospital also features an Organ Transplantation Center, an IVF Center, a Genetic Center, a Stroke Center, a Breast Health and Diseases Center, an Oncology Center, the Vinci Robotic Surgery Center, and a Bone Marrow Transplant Center.

It is important to highlight that the medical center has built a solid reputation not only within Turkey but also worldwide. Patients from 92 different nations are seen at the hospital, where they can receive consultations, diagnoses, and treatments. Ophthalmology, plastic surgery, reproductive medicine, cardiac surgery, hair transplant, and genetics are only a few of the areas of medicine in which the hospital has been successful and earned international acclaim.

Patient Accommodation

In the Memorial Sisli Hospital, the patient will be hosted in a single or double room equipped with all the required conveniences. Every room features a private bathroom, a separate toilet, and WiFi access. A bed that can be adjusted automatically, a bedside desk, a wardrobe that you may use to store personal items, a telephone, and a television are all included in the typical patient room.

The patient and any accompanying persons are provided with savory meals that are also nutritionally sound three times a day. You will be provided with an individualized menu if, for whatever reason, you choose not to consume particular meals.

Doctors at Memorial Sisli Hospital

Dr Gokhan Cipe has extensive training and experience in weight loss. And he is one of the medical doctors in Turkey who is in the highest demand. The physician has been practicing for 15 years and is regarded as one of the finest doctors in Turkey.


Address: Piyalepaşa Blv. 34385, Şişli/İstanbul

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