Memorial Antalya Hospital

Memorial Antalya Hospital

The Memorial Antalya Hospital is a first-rate medical facility that has academic staff members that are known all over the world, as well as specialist physicians and professional medical staff members. These individuals can combine their extensive knowledge and years of experience with careful attention to the requirements of their patients, patient-centered treatment standards, and high-quality, efficient patient care.

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a 15,000 square meter JCI-accredited healthcare facility that offers patients the following amenities: an administrative and medical staff of 400 people; 132 in-patient beds; four intensive-care units; 5 operating theaters; 28 intensive care beds; MRI and CT units; a state-of-the-art radiology department; intensive care units with customizable lighting to replicate day-night patterns; an American College of Embryology accredited embryology laboratory; coronary angiogram.

Memorial Antalya Hospital

The state-of-the-art quiet rooms and communal areas of Memorial Antalya Hospital provide patients, as well as their friends and family members, with harmony, quality, and serenity. The Memorial Antalya Hospital is easily accessible thanks to its location right in the middle of Kepez, Antalya. It is also close to a large number of vacation resorts, as well as the airport and the bus station. Every department in the hospital operates on the overarching principle of contributing to the improvement and enhancement of patients’ lives daily.

At Memorial Antalya Hospital, which is situated in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, Memorial Health Group is here to provide you with high-quality medical care that is in line with the very best standards of care that can be found elsewhere in the world.

The hospital’s Radiology Department is equipped with cutting-edge equipment; its Intensive Care Units have both day and night vision; it has a Coronary Angio Service, an Interventional Radiology Unit, chemotherapy, and an art center.

The hospital has a modern architectural style, and the patient apartments and living areas include all of the elements that one would expect to find in a five-star hotel, along with the quality and convenience that will have a favorable effect on the patient’s mental health.

Synergy Among Memorial Hospitals

Medical synergy is achieved at Memorial Antalya Hospital through the implementation of paperless hospital features, as well as the exchange of imaging and laboratory findings of cases throughout all of the hospitals that the organization operates in Turkey.

Shortly after opening, Memorial Antalya Hospital was awarded three consecutive 3-year certification periods by Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s foremost accrediting body for healthcare facilities.

Impact on Health-Related Travel

In its capacity as the Memorial’s Mediterranean Region representative, where it treats patients from 167 different countries, Memorial Antalya Hospital has made significant strides toward establishing Turkey as a premier destination for medical tourism.

The Technologies

The technical infrastructure of Memorial Hospitals Group consists of systems that are outfitted with sophisticated technology equipment that are meant to meet worldwide standards and are specifically built for the comfort of patients. Patients are expected to go through their diagnostic and treatment procedures in a manner that is both comfortable and secure thanks to the cutting-edge technology that is utilized.


Address: Zafer Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 91, Kepez/Antalya

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