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Located within the Times Tourism building, the Medipunto Clinic opened its doors to the public in 2019. A first-rate tourist and MICE company that has been working in the tourism industry for the past three decades. A medical doctor, a health tourism sales specialist, a tourism expert, and a strong support staff are just some of the specialists they have assembled to bring you the best in treatment, a professional approach, and a boutique experience.

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The Mission

The mission at Medipunto Clinic is to improve people’s lives by providing them with access to high-quality medical care, including hair transplantation and other esthetic procedures, administered by trained medical experts who have a firm grasp of the ethics of patient care.

The Vision

As health tourism in Turkey continues to grow in popularity, Medipunto Clinic Health Group has made it its aim to serve as a reference institution by providing precise and high-quality care to all patients through the use of expert teams and cutting-edge treatment modalities.

The Process

At MedipuntoClinic, they combine all of the most important aspects of patient care. They deal with prominent medical professionals that have previous experience working in prominent medical centers in Istanbul, Turkey.

You can send your contact information to them by filling out the contact form or by contacting them through WhatsApp Line immediately. To begin, a determination needs to be made regarding the treatment or alternate sorts of treatment. At this point in the process, you are under no obligation to make contact with them or limit the number of inquiries you pose to them.

Before deciding to travel for certain treatments, it is in your best interest to first speak with a specialist in your hometown to see whether or not you are a good candidate for those treatments.

You will be required to provide the team with your medical information so they can consult a specialist regarding your particular situation. Any information that you share with them will be held in the strictest confidence.

Following your selection of treatment and services, the next step is to schedule your travel times. They will make all of the necessary arrangements, including reservations, transfers, and other logistics. In addition, they will send you a scheme for your trip that includes the itinerary for each day as well as the total cost.

You also have the option of selecting from their various service choices, such as flights, accommodations, modes of transportation, personal assistance, city tours, and car rental, amongst other options.

At your request, a private driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to your destination. They will provide an interpreter and help round the clock for you and your loved ones. They provide you with accommodations at prices that are reasonable.

Hospitalization, Treatment, Final Medical Examination and Consultation, Contract on Medical Service, Recovery, and Exchange) VIP treatments at hospitals and clinics, including hospitalization and final medical exams and consultations. Throughout the entirety of your treatment, they will be right here by your side, offering the highest quality care and services.


Address: Plaza Taksim, Gümüşsuyu, 34435 Beyoğlu/Istambul, Turkey

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