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Medeks Hair Center’s singular concentration on hair treatments is not always a drawback, as it demonstrates dedication to that field. In addition to performing hair transplants, the facility may perform transplants on your beard, moustache, and eyebrows. The idea of having a larger beard is appealing to many guys, and beard enhancement procedures have grown increasingly common in recent years.

Since they opened the facility in Istanbul işli 12 years ago, they have provided clients with hair transplant procedures that are individualized to meet their needs. Because of their significant experience, which over 20.000+ pleased patients have joyfully validated, they are considered a reference in the field of hair transplant.

Medeks Hair Center FUE

Before beginning the process, the doctor will do an examination of your hair and any necessary blood tests that are required. The FUE technique will be used to perform your transplant surgery to achieve the most natural-looking results possible while also harvesting the largest grafts.

After the operation, you will be given a thorough explanation of the following steps required of you. They will provide you with a cushion, a hat, and any required medications, shampoos, or lotions.

Patients of Medeks Hair Center are provided with the services of an English-speaking coordinator and VIP conveyance from the airport. Combining these two services will go a long way toward making you feel as though you are staying in a home away from home.

You can schedule a consultation at the Medeks Hair Center, which is an excellent opportunity to get information about which treatment option may be most effective for you and the particular pattern of hair loss you are experiencing.

The duration of one’s stay in Turkey should ideally be three nights, although this number can vary according to the kind of transplantation chosen. While the recuperation time for some methods is only twenty-four hours, it may be significantly longer for others. However, Medeks Hair Center only provides a maximum of two nights.

About Their Website

The website is written in English, but the information presented is, to put it mildly, extremely ambiguous. The procedures have very little information, and the team responsible for carrying them out are not mentioned. There needs to be more information provided regarding the clinic, its employees, or the services that they provide.

The website needs to fulfill both of the primary functions of a website, which are to make a positive first impression and to offer information to visitors. Medeks Hair Center, on the other hand, makes it challenging for potential clients who are researching and contemplating where to plan the hair transplant procedure.

Regarding a patient’s comfort and recovery, nurses and other caring staff members are on par with doctors and other medical professionals regarding their significance. Medeks Hair Clinic is one of the clinics that does not state whether or not certain teams are accessible at the facility, in contrast to other clinics that make it a point to emphasize these teams. Patients cannot be expected to choose the facility if they have no idea who will perform their treatment or care for them afterwards.


Address: Kaptanpaşa Mah. Piyalepaşa Blv. Okmeydanı Cad. Ortadoğu Plaza, D:No:73 Kat:6, 34384 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye

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