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With years of experience in cosmetic medicine and hair restoration, Dr. Manish Mittal is a skilled hair transplant surgeon. He practices out of his Harley Street clinics, where he sees patients from Bedfordshire and London. He is well known for his proficiency in a variety of procedures, including hair restoration, beard transplantation, botox, dermal fillers, and injectables.

He received his medical degree from the College of Leicester, which was the beginning of his path to become a renowned hair transplant surgeon. After finishing his medical studies, he worked in general surgery, vascular procedures, orthopedics, and urology, among other surgical specialties. His exposure to various fields of study gave him an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy that has been quite useful in his current line of work.

Dr. Mittal underwent hair restoration surgery as a result of his significant interest in cosmetic medicine after practicing in a number of surgical disciplines. He had the good fortune to get training from numerous famous hair transplant specialists, both in Harley Street as well as overseas.  To give his patients the most successful treatments possible, he blended the greatest approaches and learned from the greatest experts in the business.

Dr. Manish Mittal

Dr. Mittal has a devoted following of high-profile patients, including celebrities and influencers, because to his reputation as a leading hair transplant surgeon. He belongs to a number of organizations that promote quality in hair restoration surgery, such as FUE Europe and the World FUE Institution.

Dr. Mittal is an advisor in Yashoda Hospital’s Interventional Cardiology in Ghaziabad in addition to his specialty in hair restoration surgery. He earned both his cardiology residency from the Society of Cardiology and his DNB in the field of internal medicine from JLN Hospital. He is capable of managing patients in critical care and handling a variety of cardiac emergencies because to his vast training and expertise. He is also proficient in diagnostic operations like pacemaker insertion, angioplasty, 2D echocardiography, TMT/holter monitoring, ECG, and coronary angiography.

The excellent treatments and care that Dr. Mittal offers show how passionate he is about positively impacting his patients’ lives. He is a highly sought-after specialist due to his specialization in both cardiology and hair restoration surgery.

About The Team

A group of trustworthy professional experts who adhere to the highest clinical standards and guidelines for hair restoration treatments work at the hair restoration facility in London, UK. To ensure patient safety and comfort, the most ideal conditions are maintained for the contemporary, sanitized equipment. Every operation or therapy that is provided prioritizes the satisfaction of the patient, and an operation is only suggested if it is appropriate for the patient. The experienced and knowledgeable surgeons can do hair restoration procedures that ultimately increase self-assurance and confidence. Medical hair restoration procedures are also available to assist in restoring hair if surgical hair transplantation is not an option.

In addition to FUE hair transplantation, beard hair transplantation, eyebrow hair transplantation, eyelash transplantation, mustache hair transplantation, and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), a variety of hair restoration therapies are offered. Every surgery is tailored by the skilled surgeons to the unique hair qualities and degree of hair loss of the patient. Contact the clinic right now to find out more about the offerings and to schedule an obligation-free consultation with a hair specialist.

Website: https://mittalhairclinic.com/

Address: 49 Mount Pleasant London WC1X 0AE

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