Madam Safiye Clinic

Madam Safiye Clinic

In the fields of both medical aesthetics and hair transplantation, Madam Safiye is one of the most well regarded experts in Turkey. After completing her education at the Health Vocational School in Turkey, she moved on to Germany to receive additional training in endoscopy and laparoscopy surgeries. After getting back to Turkey, she attended and finished the Advanced Medical Technology training conference that was held in Ankara with flying colors. She obtained multiple diplomas after completing the various hair transplantation and medical aesthetics programs that she attended. Madame Safiye, who finished her dermatology residency in Russia and is now a member of EHRS (the European Hair Restoration Society), was the first person in Turkey to be issued the first certificate in regards to hair transplantation.

Professional Practice

Madam Safiye

Doing private studies in 1997 was Madame Safiye’s first step into the professional world. She began her work with the idea that natural change should be her guiding philosophy. Her work as Anatomic Image Maker, which was the first of its kind in this country, was developed by her. She has become a successful imagemaker for many artists and businessmen because to the fact that she has refined her work in Anatomic Image Maker and combined all of the knowledge that she obtained during her time working and studying in Turkey and Europe. This accomplishment was demonstrated not only on the national but also international level.

She is the first Turkish hair transplant specialist with a license in the United Arab Emirates and, by extension, the Gulf countries. Her background is in Turkey. This accomplishment is recognized all throughout the world (Middle East, Europe and many the different countries). She was successful in signing agreements with specialized aesthetic institutions and bringing them to the attention of the international community. Patients come to Madame Safiye for hair, beard, and eyebrow transplants from more than sixty-five different nations throughout the world. These countries include Ukraine, Russia, and all of the other CIS countries.

Services offered by Madam Safiye Clinic

Since 2007, she has participated in an extensive number of hair transplant procedures, during which she has accompanied and assisted in over 15,000 procedures. The NO-CUT method was the first stage in hair transplantation that did not include clipping the hair before the procedure. Therefore, hair transplantation is also an option for treating hair loss in females who experience it. In addition to that, she was a pioneer in the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Turkey and was one of the first people to do so.

Why choose Madame Safiye Clinic?

  • Madame Safiye is one of the known hair transplant and medical aesthetic facilities in Turkey.
  • The clinic is operated by one of the most prominent and successful cosmetic surgeons in the world, Dr. Safiya, who treats patients from more than fifty different countries.
  • In order to provide patients with effective treatment, the center is certain to make use of cutting-edge medical procedures such as FUE and PRP.
  • In addition to this, Madame Safiye offers a wide variety of facilities, such as translators, accommodations, assistance with obtaining visas, and tourism facilities.

Address: İzzetpaşa Mahallesi, Yeni Yol Caddesi, Nurol Tower, Kat:2 Daire: 336/65 34381 Şişli – İstanbul


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