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The Lokman Hekim Health Group started as a “polyclinic” in the medical industry to be “the first brand facility that pops up when a hospital is mentioned.” With the opening of the polyclinic in Ankara’s Kurtuluş neighborhood, the organization’s tagline, “Your Healing Door,” became a reality. Since its inception, Lokman Hekim Health Group has prioritized providing the highest level of customer service while remaining aware of its obligations as a responsible business.

Because he stays abreast of the latest technological developments in the industry, Lokman Hekim can provide diagnostic and therapeutic services at the most cutting-edge level currently available. The patients at Lokman Hekim have the reassurance that they will receive treatment in a safe environment because the facility’s imaging equipment and laboratories are outfitted with the most advanced technological devices available.

Lokman Hekim Hospital

The Lokman Hekim Health Group’s mission is to close the gap between the scientific medicine of the East and the modern medicine of the West, all while staying true to the traditions, customs, and people of the nations from which it originated. The East represents traditional medicine, while the West represents modern medicine.

The Lokman Hekim Health Group established the Etlik hospital in 2002 and has maintained its role as a healing door by providing services to increasingly huge populations. When it comes to providing healthcare services, this organization swiftly earned the pleasure of the patients.

The establishment of Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital in Sincan in 2008 by Lokman Hekim Health Group marked yet another significant step toward the accessibility of the delivery of medical services. As a direct consequence of this, a considerable advance has been made toward the provision of health care that is “accessible.”

The hospital in Ankara was designed and constructed with all of the most up-to-date facilities, including a helipad. Patients in critical condition who are being transported by helicopter ambulances from Ankara and the surrounding area continue to be sent to this facility in the hope that they will receive treatment there and recover.

In 2011, Lokman Hekim Health Group made its investments in the public health sector on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange to realize its aims for the progress of the nation as a whole and to reach all socioeconomic groups with its operations in the health sector. The Lokman Hekim Health Group not only offered its services, but it also made its stock accessible to the general public.

In 2012, Lokman Hekim Health Group established Lokman Hekim Van Hospital to expand the availability of medical services of a superior standard across the country. His contributions to medicine and the injuries it caused, especially in the wake of the seismic calamity that struck the region, strengthened the ties of affection between the community and the Lokman Hekims.

Lokman Hekim Hayat Hospital was only under construction for a year before opening its doors to the public in 2013, thanks to the encouragement it received from the neighborhood and the needs of the local community for their healthcare requirements. Because of this, Lokman Hekim can now serve not only the people who live in Van but also the people who live in the surrounding region and even people who live across national and global borders.

Website: https://lokmanhekim.com.tr/en/

Address: Yenişehir, Kardelen Sk. No:2, 34912 Pendik/İstanbul, Türkiye

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