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An industry leader in the UK, Kensington Hair Clinic has a reputation for its superior client service and top-notch knowledge. The clinic has collaborated with people from every aspect of life in order to assist them accomplish their primary objective of having the courage to go out there and be their best self. The clinic has years of expertise within the sector.

The facility provides top-notch hair transplant treatments carried out by top professionals. Their team of specialists has dealt with individuals of diverse ages and socioeconomic statuses, each with specific requirements for hair restoration. The clinic takes satisfaction in assisting these men in overcoming their hair loss-related confidence problems.

Active Surgeon Face-Time

The Kensington Hair Clinic aggressively encourages specialists to devote more time with patients, in contrast to many other kinds of hair restoration facilities. The client’s confidence and wellbeing are of the utmost significance because their heads is in their hands.

Follicular Unit Extraction, a surgical procedure that includes collecting hair from donor areas and leaves tiny, barely perceptible circular scars, is the most successful surgical procedure offered by Kensington Hair Clinic. The technique has a quick recovery period and doesn’t require stitches.

Kesington Hair Clinic

Meet The Team

The clinic has a staff of skilled professionals with experience in surgical and non-surgical methods of hair restoration.

Dr Shipu Zaman

Dr. Zaman is a specialist in hair restoration surgery with a solid reputation for competence. Years of expertise and specialized instruction in hair restoration have helped him establish his skills. Dr. Zaman provides his patients with individualized care because he is aware of how the loss of hair can impact a person’s happiness.

Trevor Burnham

Trevor Burnham possesses about 15 years of expertise regarding hair restoration and serves as a Professional Patient Advisor. He provides an integrated approach to his patient treatment and has received training in prestigious American hair clinics. His main purpose is to support and encourage patients as they work toward their hair restoration targets in a relaxed setting.

Trish Bosman

Trish Bosman has more than 30 years of knowledge regarding hair transplantation and has held technical positions in Florida as well as at a reputable US clinic. She became part of Kensington Hair Center in 2015 and offers a depth of knowledge and a dedication to giving each patient individualized care.

Sylvia Burnham

The clinic manager, Sylvia Burnham, has been practicing cosmetic surgery and hair restoration for more than 20 years. She is committed to ensuring clients receive the best possible care and have a wonderful time at the clinic, where she controls daily operations.

Cristiana Cozmo

As an Administrator, Cristiana Cozmo became part of the Kensington Hair Clinic staff in 2022. She makes sure that every patient has a smooth and joyful interaction with the clinic thanks to her great organizing abilities.

Angelika Antczak

Angelika Antczak is a registered nurse and the chief transplantation technician. She obtained a first-class nursing degree in 2021 & holds a license with the Council for Nursing and Midwifery. She has over eight years of work experience in the industry. She is committed to giving patients the finest care possible and brings a plethora of technical skills to the clinic.


Address: 10 Knaresborough Place Kensington, London SW5 0TG

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