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HWT clinic, which has approximately 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the field of hair transplantation, provides service in the Anatolian side of Istanbul with its constantly upgraded technology, expert medical and administrative team, and multidisciplinary structure. Hair World Turkey is a hair transplant and medical aesthetics clinic that was established in 2014. The clinic’s headquarters are located in Istanbul. The Ministry of Health has granted them full authorization to perform a variety of hair transplant and restoration procedures, so you may feel confident in their abilities.

Services Offered

HWT clinic offers medical therapy to their patients in a way that is organized and takes a comprehensive perspective. They provide hair transplantation services as well as beard and mustache transplantation, both of which produce good results.  Other types of hair transplant services offered by the clinic includes DHI Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant and Female Hair Loss Treatment. They place a strong emphasis on the patient experience; therefore, they do not perform hair transplants or hire rooms in other hospitals. The hospital is an exceptionally clean and well-equipped establishment overall. The sterilization unit, along with all of their other equipment, is cleaned using sterilization instruments that are designed for professionals. Patients are welcome to take advantage of their dedicated care area, where you can receive a variety of beauty and care treatments while they perform the hair transplant. They offer a VIP service concept beginning at the airport and continuing through the accommodations. You will be greeted by HWT clinic employees at the airport in pristine VIP automobiles, and you will be able to make use of this private shuttle service for all of your transfers between the hotel and the medical facility. In addition to providing lodging in the five-star hotels that they have identified, they also provide interpreters and sales people who are available at all times (USA, UK, Germany, Israel, Spain, Brasil, Portugal, France, Romania and Arab countries).

Why HWT Clinic

If you have decided to go with HWT Clinic, you are aware that they use the most recent technological devices, along with their experienced team of doctors and technicians, to perform the Iced Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant technique. Before the procedure, they will take a comprehensive view of your health and do an electrocardiogram in addition to a number of other laboratory tests. The anesthesiologist at their facility maintains control over the patient at all times, both before and after the hair transplant procedure. In addition to that, they also offer sedation as an optional service. In addition to the satisfying results that you can expect to receive as a consequence of the hair transplantation procedure, their medical staff will continue to check in with you. First and foremost, the clinic will provide you with responses to each and every one of your inquiries as well as demands.


You can reach the HWT clinic at Atalar Mah. Üsküdar Cad. No: 112 Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey, by calling +90 216 606 42 47 or sending an email to info@hwtclinic.com. The HWT clinic is located in Turkey.


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