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Since 2016, “este” hospital has been providing medical care to the people of Etiler, specializing in cosmetic procedures and hair transplantation. The hospital’s name was coined by a group of people in honor of their collective achievements. Aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and hair transplant are all at a higher advanced level in the nation than they are in many other nations throughout the world. Turkey sees hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sick tourists every year, all of whom are treated there.


They are committed to the practice of providing hospital patients with a VIP service consisting of a member of the Este family. They are dedicated to maintaining a framework for their R&D activity, which ensures that it is always cutting edge as well as current.


Patients at Este hospital are always viewed through the lens of the customer, showing the institution’s commitment to a service philosophy that places a high premium on the entire satisfaction of patients as well as ethical principles.

In 2016, Hospitaleste was established in Besiktas, one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in Istanbul. Besiktas is also known as an appealing cultural and creative area of the city. During the operations, the patient can take in Istanbul’s stunning scenery.

HospitalEste Plastic Surgery Center


Fue Hair Transplant

At Hospitaleste, the FUE hair transplant surgery is among the most sought-after cosmetic operations. It is a non-surgical approach that removes hair roots one at a time using a one-of-a-kind micromotor device that looks like a ballpoint pen. This method does not need incisions and does not result in scarring. During the process, the doctor will remove one graft of hair, which contains around one to two and a half hairs, and transplant it into the balding area.


Platelet-rich plasma, often known as PRP, is what is responsible for the human body’s ability to regenerate itself. PRP therapy is used with FUE hair transplants by a doctor to speed up the healing process and promote faster hair growth. As a direct consequence of this, the microcirculation, metabolic rate of the cells, and structural integrity of the follicles are all enhanced. As a result of this treatment, hair will grow about two to three months faster.

How Many Grafts Can Be Successfully Transplanted?

The typical number of grafts that a doctor can remove during an FUE surgery is between 2,000 and 4,000. It depends on the amount of hair loss and the density of hair in the donor zone. Each graft is equivalent to one to two and a half hairs from the patient. Following the transplantation, a patient is eligible to receive anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 additional grafts. After the treatment, it takes around six months before it begins to grow again.

Eyebrow, Mustache, And Beard Transplant

Specialists use the FUE method to transplant mustaches and beards. Because of the local anesthetic, there is no discomfort throughout this procedure. If the patient’s cheek skin is sensitive, the patient may have temporal puffiness as a side effect of the operation. It is prohibited for a patient to use any kind of lotion or perfume throughout his or her recovery to clean their beard or mustache.

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