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The Hair Growth Centre is one of the largest hair re-growth centres in the UK. They also have one of the most skilled medical teams and the most recent hair re-growth technologies available. They are knowledgeable in ALL treatments for hair loss, and they have locations all across the UK, including in London, Essex, Birmingham, and Manchester, amongst others. They have one of the most extensive training programmes for their Hair Transplant Surgeons, and they do not outsource any of their work as all procedures are performed in the United Kingdom at any one of their facilities. Currently, the European Hair Research Society has done a number of clinical trials and testing on human skin cells in order to establish the efficacy of various treatments. Their recently acquired clinical photos provide unequivocal proof that hair growth has taken place.

HGC’s Mission Statement

HGC Hair Growth Centre

“To bring about a paradigm shift in the industry of hair care by utilising the most cutting-edge technology developments available today.”

HGC’s Treatments and Doctors

The individualised hair loss treatment and combustion formulations that HGC has developed are used by tens of thousands of men and women in countries all over the world. These therapies are acknowledged by both general practitioners and other subspecialists in the medical field, and patients of both sexes make use of them. Patients can gain access to them in one of two ways: by visiting the London centre for a free hair diagnostic examination and consultation with a hair loss specialist; or by discussing your options via their live chat and completing their on-line trichology form for those who are too busy to come in, thereby providing the patient with the opportunity to have an effective home treatment course delivered to them in a matter of days without the need to visit an HGC centre.

HGC’s Consultations

Patients can make an appointment for a free hair loss examination and consultation at the Hair Growth Centre by calling 0208 9022270, by utilising their live chat option, or by submitting their data on the FREE CONSULTATION website. Patients can also visit the Hair Growth Centre in person. After that, a customer service representative from the clinic will give them a call to talk about their concerns with hair loss. The complimentary consultation at the hair clinic lasts for roughly thirty to forty minutes, there is no obligation to purchase any treatments, and there is no cost associated with the appointment. The Hair Growth Center is not just simple to get to, but it’s also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has seven late night openings each week.

Address: Hair Growth Centre – London, located at 44 Chippenham Road, Maidavale

Web: https://hairgrowthcentre.com/

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