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Hermest Istanbul Clinic

Hair transplantation services at the Hermes Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, are in high demand among patients looking for hair restoration. Through the utilization of cutting-edge treatments like as FUE, DHI, Sapphire, and Percutaneous, this clinic is dedicated to furthering the area of hair restoration. In recognition of the facility’s excellence, Die Welt magazine dubbed this clinic the “best hair transplant clinic in Europe” for the year 2018. In order to protect the health of the patients, just one or two hair transplant surgeries are conducted each day at this international hospital. The outcome of this procedure should be to obtain the finest possible hair transplant results. Customer satisfaction with the hair transplant service provided by Hermes Hair Clinic, which emphasizes natural and intensive results, has been exceedingly high. The Slit FUE hair transplantation procedure is available at the Hermest clinic to their thronging clientele, which includes celebrities. Apart from that, the clinic has more than 15 years’ worth of experience and performs hair transplant surgeries at the Private Istanbul Academic Hospital.

Hermest Istanbul Clinic

Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic has been breaking new ground for years, thanks to its dedicated medical team and cutting-edge technology. They hair transplant clinic is a private academic hospital that has been certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI). More than 12,000 patients from a variety of countries have benefited from the clinic’s exceptional hair transplantation procedure, which is recognized as being on par with international best practices. Travel planning services are also available to visitors to the clinic. They select the most suited strategy for each customer from a list of ten alternatives at Hermest hair transplantation in New York City. It takes at least ten years of practice to master each of the ten various ways and become an expert in each one. Everyone who works at Hermest clinic has at least ten years of experience in their field and has been accredited as an international hair transplant specialist by the International Association of Hair Transplantation.


Address: Nuhkuyusu Cd. No: 191/2, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey

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