Headquarters Hair Transplants

Headquarters Hair Transplant

Our name reflects our place in the hair transplant business. We are a pacesetter leading the frontline of hair restoration while every other clinic follows. As a modern hair transplant clinic, we give our patients permanent hair restoration treatment through hair transplant surgery.

Having established the potency of hair transplant procedures as a permanent way out of hair loss, we’ve presented it to as many who want it, with many so delighted they took the step. It’s your turn to take that step because we are always ready to help you remove the mental stress hair loss has caused. With an internationally recognized surgeon, we can end your worries.

These surgeons are on the list of the best in the country, and whichever we appoint to you will handle your case from consultation till after operation care. They prioritize patients’ safety as much as they pursue the best possible outcome. With us, you’ll always be in safe hands.

HQ Hair Restoration Treatments

At HeadQuarters, our treatments include:

Follicular Unit Extraction – A minimally invasive method that involves the transfer of hair grafts from an area that’s surplus to a deficient area.

Follicular Unit Transplant – A surgical procedure that requires a strip harvest of hair follicles implanted in deficient areas of the head.

Scalp Micropigmentation – A non-surgical procedure that involves the stimulation of hair with pigments to create an appearance of shaven and undetectable hair follicles.

These are the major hair restoration and hair loss solutions we offer at HeadQuarters Hair Transplant Clinic.

Why Should You Choose Us?

It would be best if you chose us because we are leaders in hair restoration treatments. And apart from that, you’ll get:

Exceptional Hair Restoration Treatment

We’ve maintained our position as a leader in the industry due to the distinctive treatment we offer our patients. We combine artistic designs with proven scientific procedures to achieve holistic results. Our end goal is to meet and even exceed our patients’ expectations.

Balanced Operation

We understand that as much as we’re trying to create density at some spots, a careless removal from the donor area may make the area very thin. This may counteract anticipated results, so we ensure a balance is achieved in the donor area and the implant area. This is our known secret to creating a uniform and natural hair restoration treatment.

Free and Genuine Consulting

One of our core responsibilities is to give our patients genuine medical recommendations that inform their expectations and decisions. This is given free without charges because we understand how nuanced hair transplant is, and we want you to make only the right choices. That’s why we emphasize the need for proper consultation, whether virtually through video calls or physically.

Expert Care Delivery

The care we offer reflects the quality of our surgeons. But, as you must have realized, we’re known for quality care that only tells you the quality of our surgeons. This team consists of individuals passionate about delivering gold standard care no matter how mild or severe your condition is.

Allow us to make that difference your appearance requires with our exquisite touch.

Web: https://hqhairtransplants.com/

Phone: +442920099385

Address: 44 Charles St, St Davids Centre, Cardiff CF10 2GE, United Kingdom

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