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Our age and time have certainly gone past the times there was no solution for hair loss. However, as it remains a big problem that’s constantly shattering people’s confidence and self-esteem, we at Harley Street Healthcare have committed to helping people regain it. Leveraging the most advanced tools and a team of experienced and highly skilled medical and non-medical staff, we eliminate hair loss using hair transplants.

As one of the pioneers of hair transplants in Manchester, we have provided assistance and companionship for thousands of patients on their journey to full hair restoration. We do this through FUT and FUE hair transplant methods. In addition to this, we offer other invasive and non-invasive hair restorative procedures for both males and females suffering hair loss. So all it’ll take is to book an appointment today with us, and let’s guide your journey towards full natural-looking hair restoration.

Perks of Having Hair Transplant at Harley Street Healthcare

Choosing us for your hair restoration treatment means you’re open to enjoying:

Proven Solutions

We don’t experiment with our patients. The core of our services is built around offering proven solutions with satisfactory results. These solutions are innovative, flexible, and patient-centered because our commitment is to give you the best possible outcome.

World-Class Care Delivery

Both medical and non-medical staff at Harley Street Healthcare are driven by the insatiable urge to meet world-class standards in care delivery. This is made easier through our facility, which also meets international standards. That’s why we are open to both local and international patients. So having your hair transplant in our clinic opens you up for world-class care delivery.

World-Class Staff

Our medical and non-medical staff have multiple relevant national and international accreditations and certifications. This means they are trained to meet both local and international standards. An indication of this is evident through the successful hair transplants we’ve had over the years.

Free Consultation

We don’t charge both prospective and existing clients for consultation. It’s free, and it’s done virtually and physically, depending on your convenience and your surgeon’s suggestions. What’s more, you don’t meet or talk to a receptionist or a salesman. Instead, when you book with Harley Street Healthcare, you speak directly to a surgeon that’ll give you a rundown of the whole process involved in hair transplant.

Affordable Treatment

We understand that many people are discouraged from having hair transplants due to the belief that it’s costly. At Harley Street Healthcare, we’re focused on making hair transplants financially accessible for everyone by keeping them at a pocket-friendly price. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Interest-Free Payments

While maintaining affordability, we also ensure that our patients don’t pay more than the transplant requires. There is no interest incurred in all the payment options available for our patients. We prioritize our patients’ financial welfare by focusing first on the result before any other thing.

Choosing Harley Street Healthcare is the first big step to getting back your lost hair and regaining your self-confidence. Choose us!


Address: 82 King St, Manchester M2 4WQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +442070303364

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