Harley Street Healthcare Clinics

Harley Street Healthcare Clinics

Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC is a public limited company based on Harley Street in London. Dr. R Danapal created HSHC, a concierge healthcare provider, three decades ago. Thousands of patients have benefited from the clinic’s high-quality healthcare advice and solutions over the past 30 years. The Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is at the heart of the Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC’s ‘centre of excellence’ for integrated healthcare. The clinic serves a national and international clientele from the private, corporate, diplomatic, and international business communities as part of the centre of excellence. Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is committed to providing high-quality FUE hair transplants at a reasonable cost. Our multi-purpose hair transplant centers are suitable for both men and women with various hair kinds. Hair transplants using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure are our specialty at Harley Street Healthcare. FUE has a lot of advantages over the Strip method, one of which is that, while it takes longer, it requires significantly fewer assistance, minimizing the amount of factors that could lead to error. By far the most advanced hair restoration procedure available today is FUE. There are other sub-categories of FUE, such as “Ultra Refined FUE,” “Undetectable FUE,” and “Robotic FUE,” but the fundamentals of all of the procedures are the same.

The Manchester and Birmingham arms of the Harley Street Healthcare clinic has earned a reputation as one of the best in the country. Both of these clinics, along with our FUE Hair Transplant Birmingham clinic, cover the midlands territory and were established to make our world-renowned world-class and inexpensive FUE hair transplants is available to all clinic clients in the midlands and northern England. The branches in the Midlands are open seven days a week, 365 days a year, just like the London hair transplant clinics. Many of their clients have explored hair transplantation, with a particular interest in the FUE choices available, as this is now the most popular kind of hair replacement due to its minimum scarring nature. However, reading literature can be perplexing at times, with terms like FUE, FUT, FUS Ultra refined FUE, Strip, and robotic hair transplant methods all appearing in the literature, which can be confounding. The clinic strongly encourages patients to explore their options with one of the clinic’s professionals during the free consultation. Harley Street Healthcare Clinic prefers to keep things easy, which is why our prices are posted on the pricing page as part of our transparency stand, which is also part of the Harley Street Healthcare ethical code.

The clinics are now developing a sophisticated AI-enabled technology platform to give a complete healthcare assistant to its customers. As part of their transformation strategy to change the way healthcare is offered in the UK, the clinic is working with their partners to develop a smart phone application as part of their telemedicine growth. Currently, the clinic is run by Dr. Asim Islam. He is a Cambridge University graduate and a General Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience as a Partner and an Out of Hours GP. Dr. Islam has extensive clinical experience in surgeries and out-of-hours settings, where he conducts routine face-to-face consultations, triage, and home visits. He is a certified general practitioner trainer who is in charge of clinical training for registrars, nurse practitioners, and medical students. He holds a two-year Templeton Research Fellowship in Cambridge and has published research in Pure Mathematics and Neuroscience Physics. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Royal Holloway and an MSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. To learn more about Harley Street Healthcare Clinics visit (https://www.harleystreet104.com/)

Address: 104 Harley St, London W1G 7JD, United Kingdom

Phone: +442079356554

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