Harley Street Health Center

Harley Street Health Center

Hair thinning and loss are natural aspects of getting older, but they can also be caused by medical issues or scalp trauma. Those experiencing hair losses may choose a hair transplant for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes.

Hair transplantation aims to stimulate new hair development in regions of the scalp where there is either insufficient or no existing hair growth. The back of a patient’s head, or another location with a lot of hair, is often used as a donor site for hair transplants. When the follicles are ready, they are implanted into microscopic incisions made on the balding scalp.

The donor area is often taken from the side or the rear of the patient’s head, depending on the circumstances. Skin grafts taken from the chest, back, or chin have also shown promising results. Those who lack full, thick hair may benefit from using hair from other parts of their bodies instead.

About Harley Street Clinic

“The Harley Street Clinic is a comprehensive facility for complex medical care for adults, adolescents, and infants, focusing on cardiology, oncology, and neuroscience. The dedication of the staff at The Harley Street Clinic to patients is reflected in our recent ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.” The experts collaborate to give patients the highest quality care and treatments available, whether they require sophisticated neurosurgery or new approaches to cancer therapy.

With cutting-edge technology and an expert staff of doctors and clinicians, the private cancer institution has earned a reputation as Europe’s premier center for cancer care. They serve people of all ages who have been diagnosed with cancer and are here for you every step of the way, from diagnosis through aftercare.

HCA Healthcare UK is the nation’s leading private cancer network, specializing in complex and emergency care. In addition to the six freestanding hospitals, cancer patients can access the network of outpatient clinics and highly specialized labs. For advanced cancer treatment, they also collaborate with major NHS teaching institutions.

They offer comprehensive cancer care, including state-of-the-art cancer screening and diagnosis, genomics, surgery, interventional radiology, systemic anti-cancer medicines, immunotherapies, hematology/oncology, radiotherapy, high-tech cellular therapies, and clinical trials. They also provide immediate access to an exceptional level of individualized care, so you won’t have to stay longer than necessary for service. You may rest assured that you will receive the best possible care at any hospital or treatment center because of the impeccable standards they have set for patient safety.

The highly specialized cardiac center provides patients with a wide variety of treatment options, including diagnostic testing and screening for common situations such as coronary artery disease, mildly invasive processes such as the insertion of pacemakers and stents, and highly specialized surgical procedures like minimal mitral valve repair.

In addition to providing comprehensive cardiac care for adults, they maintain close ties with Portland Hospital, the only private-owned paediatric cardiac medical center in the United Kingdom. These connections allow them to ensure that children born with congenital heart defects will have healthcare access that is organized and integrated as they grow older.

The team of doctors at the Harley Street Clinic is able to study and diagnose heart disorders and diseases at a preliminary phase, as well as establish the most appropriate treatment choices that are now available for cardiovascular disease. To facilitate these investigations, they provide a comprehensive selection of cardiac scans and diagnostics on an outpatient basis. Patients can come for many tests on the same day, reducing the number of times they have to check themselves into the hospital.

The Harley Street Clinic is home to some of the world’s most renowned cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and radiologists as a direct result of the clinic’s stellar reputation for providing superior cardiac care. A significant number of consultants are prominent researchers in their fields who are also recognized internationally. As a result, they continually push the boundaries of medical and surgical practice.

The Team Doctors

Dr. Riffat Ara

Dr. Riffat Ara

In 1993, Dr. Riffat Ara became a licensed physician. She worked in the NHS for eight years before joining the Harley Street Health Centre Group. A&E, general medicine, pediatrics, and general practice are all specialties in which Dr. Ara has extensive training after attending Oxford Deanery. Having joined our practice in 2012, she specializes in sexual medicine, general medicine, women’s and children’s health.

Dr. Simret Gaim

She has 15 years of expertise as a healthcare assistant. She is a healthcare professional and a phlebotomist. After 15 years of experience as a nursing aide, phlebotomist, and COVID-tester, Simret Gaim came to work at Harley Street Health Centre.

Dr. Enam Abood

The Harley Street Health Centre Group was founded by Dr. Enam Abood. Since she began practicing medicine 35 years ago, she’s developed a special interest in weight management and general preventative health. Dr. Abood is concerned with weight-related and chronic health problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and chronic joint and back pain.

Dr. Ali Shakir

Dr. Ali Shakir worked as a psychotherapist for more than a decade. He graduated from the Metanoia Institute with a certification in Transactional Analytical Psychotherapy. When it comes to working with clients one-on-one, his focus has shifted to group psychoeducation, therapist training, and corporate coaching.

Dr. Eldimarys Curry M

For many years, Dr. Eldimarys Curry M. has been regarded as one of the best aesthetics doctors in the world. Aesthetic Medicine Master’s Degree from the University of the Islas Baleares (UIB), Mallorca, Spain – a leading center in the development of Aesthetic Medicine theory and practice. She has around 27 years of medical experience, mainly as a General Practitioner with medical experience in Cuba, Spain, and the UK.

Dr Patryk Wlodarczyk

Throughout Patryk Wlodarczyk’s life, he has been fascinated by science and medicine. He graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in neuroscience in 2020, having obtained valuable laboratory experience studying spinal cord injuries. Prior to joining Harley Street Health Clinic in 2021 as a COVID-19 tester and healthcare assistant, he was able to combine his love of healthcare and neuroscience while working as a brain injury support worker.


They take great pride in their team of highly trained professionals, many of whom have positions at the NHS’s world-renowned academic medical centers in the United Kingdom. They employ only the most qualified consultants in the business and will personally oversee your care during your time with them.

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